8. December 2020

What’s new in SAP Sales Cloud 2011

The SAP Cloud for Customer production systems was updated last weekend (November 14-15, 2020). With it, Internet Explorer support was discontinued. The main reason is its technical insufficiency, which does not support the latest web standards and reduced investment in its maintenance by Microsoft. A convenient alternative available from the release 2005 is for example Microsoft Edge (chromium-based browser).

News in sales acceleration

New features will increase your Sales team effectiveness thanks to the automation of manual upstream and downstream business processes and applying artificial intelligence and insight to scale the selling experience and delivering value to your customers. These new helpful features will be available inside the new Call List work center.

Call Lists Work Center

In this new work centre users can create and manage call lists. Therefore they are able to quickly create call lists from the database of your contacts and them directly from the C4C, so it’s possible to track outcomes and measure success.

What’s new in SAP Sales Cloud 2011 1

Other available options:

  • Create Call Lists
  • Edit Call Lists
  • Add Call Participants
  • Assign Sales Reps
  • Execute Calls
  • Capture Call Outcomes
  • Review Call Results

You can use a quick view for a quick glance at the most information about the customer in the call list. Use case for better imagination: “The agent can fact check his information on the important customer, before making the call.”

Call Lists: Email Notification of Assignment

Job distribution is a necessity in every society, but effective communication is equally, if not more, necessary to achieve it. Therefore email notifications about the call lists assignment are a welcomed feature here, for sure.

What’s new in SAP Sales Cloud 2011 2

Lead Management

Users can now quickly search and maintain a validated address during the lead creation. These addresses are suggested as he types and automatically filled in the relevant fields after selection, so this process is now not only faster, but also “fault-tolerant”.

What’s new in SAP Sales Cloud 2011 3

Lead: Formatted Notes supported in Workflow Action

Formatted Text captured on Lead Notes can be now sent via Email (Workflow action). Placeholder for such notes is now supported on Workflow.

Lead: Refresh Action on Lead Details

Time-saving feature – it’s no longer necessary to reload the whole lead in order to see the updated data.

What’s new in SAP Sales Cloud 2011 4


Opportunities: Duplicate Check

To increase efficiency and avoid duplication of work it will be possible to check the system for the duplicated opportunity and lead information.

What’s new in SAP Sales Cloud 2011 5


Opportunities: Item status configuration to control Total Negotiated Value

The System is now even smarter – thanks to the ability to set up automatic system suggestions for adjusted opportunity value based on the item status (even on custom ones).


Opportunity: Quick view now contains (optional) All Involved Parties

What’s new in SAP Sales Cloud 2011 5


Opportunities: Additional enhancement/round-offs

  • Pricing details (introduced 2008 release) are added to the output form message.
  • Mobile Phone App supports Document Flow for Opportunities.
  • Create and add a new Registered Product without Serial ID directly from value help (round-off from 2008).
  • Opportunity list in Account overview can optionally show Account, Parent Account, and Top Level Account. (As this list shows any involvement of the business partner in the Opportunity).
  • Visit Type can be added via adaptation/ personalization to Visit list in Sales Activities facet for the Opportunity.

Sales Quotes

Sales Quote: Use rich text for output E-Mails

This possibility will enable the users to create professional-looking emails, e.g. with help of formatted templates and signatures.

What’s new in SAP Sales Cloud 2011 7

Sales Quotes – Top Level Account and Parent Account are now part of the worklist/search and overview Sales Quotes

For a better overview of an account hierarchy, one can search the Sales Quotes based on Top Level Account (Parent Account) – possibility to see Parent Account and Top Level Account directly in Sales Quote or in Sales Quote lists.

What’s new in SAP Sales Cloud 2011 8


Sales Quotes – Propose Products based on Requested Date

Product proposal tailoring options have widened. Product proposals based on the Requested Date (Header) are maintained in a Sales Order/Sales Quote as product proposals can depend on the expected delivery date.

What’s new in SAP Sales Cloud 2011 9



Easier contract maintenance, thanks to the data consolidation (everything in one place), because switching between multiple tabs gets tiring pretty quickly.

What’s new in SAP Sales Cloud 2011 10


Sales Orders

Sales Order: Use Order Delivery Date to check product validity

Added option to select the date for the proposed product within the transaction based on their validity with help of product lists. It’s possible to decide which date will be checked and customize the system according to your business needs. For example, let the C4C propose only the products valid when the order would be delivered instead of the default premise from the order creation date.

What’s new in SAP Sales Cloud 2011 11

Sales Order: Creation date synchronized with the document date

Use case:

In a scenario where the C4C and ERP systems are integrated, this synchronization ensures the possibility to analyze orders transferred from ERP or S/4HANA to C4C.

What’s new in SAP Sales Cloud 2011 12

Sales Order: Top Level Account and Parent Account as part of the worklist/search 
and overview

Similar to Sales Quotes, you can now view Parent Account and Top Level Account directly in Sales Order or in Sales Order list for an account hierarchy overview.

Sales Order: Credit Status represented in Colours

Different credit status values are depicted in different colours for better visibility and orientation.

What’s new in SAP Sales Cloud 2011 13


Sales Order: Additional enhancement/round-offs

  • Extensibility support of a new quick view.
  • Sales area fields for order list in Account’s sales order facet.
  • Extension fields from the Product-Plant node in the product list bucket within the combined list.
  • Editable order list – edit sales organization, opportunity, the campaign in the order list.
  • Missing opportunity fields in order details added for offline.

SAP Cloud for Customer Extended App

Extended App: Sales Orders: Smartphone Graphical Signature

More comfortable signature creation, by using the full-screen area, because sometimes it can get pretty frustrating especially on smaller devices.

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