9. November 2020

Feedback in Salesforce with Staffino?

OR How to better understand your customers with Staffino and Salesforce (SFDC)

Would you like to have an overview of what your customers think about your products? How satisfied are they with the visit from your representative? Or how do they feel after filing or handling a complaint? What do your employees think of different things in your company? Would you like to have this information integrated into the number one CRM product in the world? Do you want to continuously improve CX/EX (customer/employee experience) for your customers or employees?

We present to you a simple way of transferring the acquired data in both directions, without the need for programming or complicated settings. We have set up this solution to combine two products for which CX/EX comes first: STAFFINO + Salesforce.

Feedback in Salesforce with Staffino? 1



The core principle of STAFFINO is to provide clear business benefits by engaging openly with both customers and employees. Whilst providing a full suite of metric options (incl. NPS, CSAT, CES, FCR) and various survey formats, verbatim feedback is also be collected against specific employee interactions with a closed-loop methodology. This provides a micro (as well as macro) view of your customer service, enabling you to identify specific strengths and weaknesses within your workforce.

Feedback in Salesforce with Staffino? 2


STAFFINO provides a solution to many of the current CX/EX challenges companies are currently facing: effective engagement, gathering actionable insight, leveraging for ROI, or the commercial overhead of achieving a holistic CX/EX program.

The basic principle of Salesforce is to organize the collected data into a database and make it available for use in a complete and comprehensive CRM system for various departments with a 360 ° view of customer data.

Feedback in Salesforce with Staffino? 3


What should we focus on with CX/EX?

What creates a positive CX/EX for your customers/employees?

Feedback in Salesforce with Staffino? 4


How does the combination Staffino + Salesforce work?


In Staffino, you set up the question form that you want to send to the customer. You can choose from various types, from clickable answers, through NPS to open-ended questions. Of course, you can have more of these questionnaires. Different variants for different cases. Are you an international company and do you communicate with customers in various markets in other languages? Operating in such environments is no problem for this combination of Staffino and Salesforce either.

Feedback in Salesforce with Staffino? 5


Fill in simple settings in Salesforce. One so that you can send requests to Staffino and the other ensuring the frequency of receiving responses.Feedback in Salesforce with Staffino? 6

 In the Process builder of Salesforce, which is a simple graphical “setter”, you choose on what occasion to create an interaction, i.e. to send a questionnaire. This way, you can easily and elegantly control whether the questionnaire is sent, for example, when creating a new offer, concluding a contract, receiving an e-mail or a complaint, or any other activity that is important to you.


And that’s it!

You have just set up your first web service call. Everything else is processed automatically by the system for you in the background.

Feedback in Salesforce with Staffino? 7

After the customer answers your questions, they will be stored in Staffino. At the interval you set, we will ask Staffino if we have any new information from customers and if so, we will download it to the system.

Feedback in Salesforce with Staffino? 8


At this point, you can see what questions we asked the customer and how they answered them. It would undoubtedly help the contact centre agent if, on the next call to the customer, they could see how satisfied/dissatisfied the customer was before and how he felt from the previous contact, and use it to improve his customer experience further.

Feedback in Salesforce with Staffino? 9


But not only that, your employees themselves see how customers reacted to them.


All this is possible, but let’s try to take it to another level and add “the icing on the cake”. For example, because you have feedback information from your customers, you can act immediately in your primary system. How about setting a simple rule that if the response to NPS was worse than 5 out of 10, a system creates a task automatically so that we could contact the customer to find out why. Or the system will automatically send a discount coupon by e-mail to a customer who gave us 4 or 5 stars for handling a complaint,  and a coupon with an even bigger discount to those who evaluate the company less?

Feedback in Salesforce with Staffino? 9



As they say, creativity knows no bounds, and we allow you to be creative about your clients or customers. And so you successfully build their trust and improve your relationship with them.

We have mentioned CX/EX – which means you can create a similar process to get feedback from your employees as Anodius does.

Martin Bystriansky, Salesforce Consultant/Developer