7. September 2020

Putting Employee Experience First: 3 Top Tips

Your employees are the heart and soul of your company and they determine the success and environment of your business. The employee experience sets the mood and tone for the work culture and environment that your team and customers associate with your brand.

Richard Branson, CEO of Virgin, has often said the secret to his success and that of any business owner completely hinges on the happiness of the employees and team members representing his brand.

Keep reading to learn the top tips for putting the employee experience first and making your work culture one people are competing to be a part of.

Share the Vision

Your team can’t get excited about your dream if you don’t share it with them. Ensure you have a clear vision and mission that is shared with your employees. Help them feel your passion for the brand and purpose of your business. 

The more people understand the story behind a brand or behind a person’s dream, the more they are able to care and connect with it.

It doesn’t matter whether an employee is emptying garbage cans, providing frontline customer service, or making life and death decisions- they need to know they are a part of the vision and a valued part of the team.

Valuable Employee Experience

Offering more than just a job with a paycheck is vital to showing your employees that they are valued by you. The best way to let them know they are a valuable part of the team is to let them shine and excel by knowing and encouraging their strengths and talents.

Sústredenie sa na zážitok zamestnancov 3 top tipy

Offering in-house promotions and opportunities for advancement will help your employees know you appreciate loyalty and see their potential. This not only helps reduce costs associated with employee turnover and training but also allows for a more cohesive team because they stay within the company longer and build a rapport with each other.

Another way to ensure they feel valued is to encourage their opinions and input whenever possible. Ensuring employees are properly vetted will help them get the most out of their time with the company and allow you to get the most out of them because you’ll have the right person in the right position

Employee Appreciation Reward Programs

Some of the best work cultures are about all the little things. It’s about showing appreciation for a job well-done and building team morale.

An employee reward or appreciation program can help you show gratitude and increase morale. You don’t have to have an office filled with nap pods and video games or offer a company chef to be considered one of the best work cultures

Employee experience management is more about having an office environment that’s open and honest and as stress-free as possible while respecting and promoting creativity and productivity.

Employee Experience Matters

Your employer brand can only reach its full potential when your employee experience is strategically planned to be meaningful, respectful, and supportive. Once you master the art of employee experience management the possibilities are limitless for your brand.

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Andrej Winter, EX Business Consultant