7. August 2020

What’s new in SAP Sales Cloud 2008

A regular upgrade to the newest version 2008 of SAP Cloud for Customer, which is now part of SAP Customer experience solutions (formerly C/4HANA) was launched this weekend. Of course only on the test tenants for now, deployment into production will take place on August 15-16. So let’s take a look at the most interesting news of this release.


Before we get to them, let us remind you once again that the end of Internet Explorer support is coming in November this year. The alternative for it is every new browser. You can even click on their official list from the notification that you will get, if you are still using it, so you do not have to worry, that this information will not reach your employees.

What's new in SAP Sales Cloud 2008 1




Be aware that it is still the beta functionality that has been introduced in release 2005. Therefore, it is necessary to request its access through an incident and use a supported browser.


The pipeline view has been upgraded, so now you can evaluate and compare changes in opportunity data by time or region.

What's new in SAP Sales Cloud 2008 2
What's new in SAP Sales Cloud 2008 3

You can also comment on the opportunities to keep all the relevant information in one place.

What's new in SAP Sales Cloud 2008 4

In the administration, we can load multiple targets at once, thus saving unnecessary repetitive work.

What's new in SAP Sales Cloud 2008 5


News in LEADS


Linking leads to opportunities:

On the lead page is now an option to assign an opportunity which was created separately, or on which we worked in parallel to lead. We can decide between two types of assignment to choose from, so depending on the sequence we can assign it either as Predecessor or Successor.

What's new in SAP Sales Cloud 2008 6

Creating leads from contacts obtained through landing pages created in the Marketing Cloud

It would be a shame not to use such valuable data that our customers provide us voluntarily. For this function, it is, of course, necessary to have both systems integrated.

What's new in SAP Sales Cloud 2008 7

Availability of additional actions from a lead quick preview

 These are – „Convert to account and Contact“, „Associate to Account and Contact“ – also available for individual customers.  In the end the required actions can be done even easier and faster.

What's new in SAP Sales Cloud 2008 8 




Improvement of the internal pricing

What's new in SAP Sales Cloud 2008 9

We can adjust the internal pricing on the opportunity, and they will also be reflected on the consecutive offers or orders.


Similarly, we obtained a preview and adjustability of the total external price directly in the external pricing data of contracts,. So we don’t have to focus so much on how to make a change, but what change would be best.



The Sales Employee user role is displayed on the opportunity creation and overview pages, therefore we get better access to information and save a few clicks.

What's new in SAP Sales Cloud 2008 7

Initiate a redetermination of involved parties through user actions from the opportunity page. We are provided with two options to choose from, which differ in terms of how they maintain manual changes. This one is useful especially on opportunities, that are open for a longer period of time where the involved parties have changed.

What's new in SAP Sales Cloud 2008 8

Changes to the default behavior


  • When copying an opportunity, the negotiated price of the item is now also copied (if it differs from the proposed).
  • A reference to the opportunity will also be copied on the offer.
  • When creating a new account directly from the opportunity (Account value help), if a one-time address is set straight for the opportunity for the given role, this address will become the primary one.



News in QUOTES


The price of the material coming from the external application has become editable, so we get a higher degree of flexibility in closing deals.

What's new in SAP Sales Cloud 2008 9


For better visibility of possible agreements and change requests with the customer, a new text field has been added to the Notes tab on the contact page. Therefore you can return to this recorded data at some later point in time, if necessary.

What's new in SAP Sales Cloud 2008 10


Blocking the creation of contracts for specific customers has led to better user navigation in cases where the customer requires special attention.

What's new in SAP Sales Cloud 2008 11



Price adjustment for materials (sub-items) gives the user the flexibility to adjust agreed prices and discounts on material sub-items.

What's new in SAP Sales Cloud 2008 12


A special keyboard for placing orders on a smartphone is now available also offline (the online version has been available since the 2002 release) which increases efficiency and reduces the number of clicks.

What's new in SAP Sales Cloud 2008 13

Administrators can add custom fields for product filtering within the combined list. These fields can belong to the product header or product list header. Filters can also be added to the product list, former orders, or plant options. With this functionality, the sales representative is provided with more flexibility when filtering products that he wants to add to the order.


Sales Cloud application

In the Sales Cloud app, you can now click to create an activity directly from the calendar. All you have to do is to click on the initial time and select its type.

What's new in SAP Sales Cloud 2008 14


In the C4C administration, we can also adjust which fields will be displayed in the application and if they are mandatory.

What's new in SAP Sales Cloud 2008 15


Other improvements:

  • Ability to edit phone call details directly in the app – a welcome option in today’s mobile world
  • Possibility to manage “Sales Organization, Sales Territory, and Sales Unit fields for your leads/opportunities (Android only),
  • Option to distribute Sales Cloud app (Android version) via mobile device management (MDM) / mobile application management (MAM).


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Tomáš Potzy, CX Consultant