7. August 2020

What’s new in SAP Cloud for Customer 2008 – Platform and Integration?

A regular upgrade to the newest version 2008 of SAP Cloud for Customer 2008, which is now part of SAP Customer experience solutions (formerly C/4HANA) was launched this weekend. Of course only on the test tenants for now, deployment into production will take place on August 15-16. So let’s take a look at the most interesting news of this release.


Before we get to them, let us remind you once again that the end of Internet Explorer support is coming in November this year. The alternative for it is every new browser. You can even click on their official list from the notification that you will get, if you are still using it, so you do not have to worry, that this information will not reach your employees.


Let’s start with the most visible changes related to Fiori UI, these innovations implemented with the aim of unifying the user environment are in our opinion very nice and thanks to greater clarity of the system they will contribute to higher work efficiency.


On the home screen we find these new types of tiles:

  • Kanban view



– Quick links


  • My team tickets

– Counters

– Video (using this tile type we can for example add relevant training videos on the new users home screen)

– Messages


If you are tired of the current appearance of the system, you will definitely enjoy the new theme called Safira. But be aware, that this one is currently only in beta, so you have to request activation through an incident and only for the test tenant.



In order to unify the user experience login screen will no longer change depending on the chosen theme, but will be uniform for all three.



There have also been improvements within the platform, which may seem pretty trivial and not that much of a help, when looked at individually,  but as a whole they start to add up and saves us time in the end.


As a result, they save us a lot of time because they help us optimize our workflow.


In analytics a data source for our competitors has been added, which we can take into account in comparison with our data.



The call can be made directly from the customer’s profile by clicking on the interactive telephone number.


Simplified addition and modification of addresses of individual customers, using the DQM (data quality management) service. After a first few letters the user is given a choice from a list of verified addresses, thus this option saves work and reducing errors. Warning: This is beta functionality for now, so you need to request it. In addition, it is necessary to have a license for SAP DQM in order to test it.

The code lists can be adjusted based on the person or organization, which contributes to a higher degree of customizability.


News for mobile and offline

Up to five attachments can be uploaded at once in the SAP Extended App – images can either be taken at the time of upload or selected from the gallery (this feature is only available online).



News in Analytics

Custom Dashboard filters – users will be able to save these filters as selections, dashboards open automatically with applied selection (filters), which saves you time when reusing dashboards.



The report tile will again be displayed graphically on the home screen so the user get an instant preview. They have also become easily shareable through the email report action, which even verifies the correctness of the addresses entered, thus minimizing space for an error.


Integration with Qualtrics

  • General response mapping, which allows for easy integration of SAP Service and Sales Cloud from the Qualtrics Actions platform environment.
  • Creating a ticket in the Service Cloud after selecting a certain answer from the customer or meeting the conditions.
  • Automatic sending of a satisfaction questionnaire after closing the ticket.


Integration of S/4 HANA Cloud – service management

  • Creation of a follow-up service order in S/4 HANA Cloud from a C4C ticket


Integration with FSM (Field Service Management)

  • Replication of FSM Smartforms to C4C
  • Replication of FSM costs to C4C Ticket Expense Item
  • Time effort support for time entry with technicians time zone


The replication scheme between these systems now looks like this:


Changes were also made in:

  • Update company settings
  • SAP Cloud Applications Studio
  • Groupware integration
  • Key user tools
  • Update to support the new LinkedIn Sales Navigator API


Do you want to know what else has the 2008 release brought not only to the Cloud for Customer but also to the Marketing Cloud? You can read about it here:


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Tomáš Potzy, CX Consultant