18. September 2020

What is Customer Experience and Why is it So Important?

You can do everything right on the inside of your business. For example, you can have a great company culture and a great mix of talent from top to bottom. But what do the people you’re actually selling to think?

What Is Customer Experience?

Imagine your customer browsing your website and clicking on something they want to buy. It takes way longer than stated to ship to them, and when they call, they are put on hold for 45 minutes to speak to customer support. How likely do you think this person is to buy again from your business?

That’s where customer experience comes in. Not only should your website be optimized for easy browsing and checkout, but you also have strong customer service to back it up. That could mean answering basic questions online with an FAQ or chatbot before they connect with a live customer service representative. 

Even your marketing is part of the customer experience. Whether you’re using email marketing or targeted social media ads, customers want a personalized experience. That means putting the right products in front of them that they’re most likely to want and communicating information that is important to them. 


Why Is It Important?

Consider that you might be selling the same product or service as many other businesses. That means there needs to be something else that creates a loyal customer that keeps coming back, and customer experience is at the top of the list. 

That could mean that a happy customer shares their experience with your company on social media, which is basically free advertising. However, if you lag in customer service or make their experience unpleasant in another way, people will hear about that too.

Your perception of how good the experience is for your customers may not be the same as what your customers think. That’s why it’s not only important to make sure the sale goes smoothly, but it’s also important to follow up with customers to find out how you can improve. Customer journey mapping is also a good way to determine how your customers feel about your business.

Boost Your Customer Experience Strategy 

When it comes to winning over customers for the long term, it takes more than quality products and services. It also takes a winning customer experience—and what is customer experience without great customer service?

From how you market your products to how you follow up with any problems, these are all ways that your customer will perceive you and give you word of mouth. 

Roman Kučák, Partner