18. July 2018

When To Use IT Sourcing?

Nowadays, fortunately, there are many companies that are successful in their segment, and in a short period of time, they have been awarded a great deal they wanted to go for with full force. However, they have encountered one common problem today, which is human capital. They had their CRM experts, but it was not enough to cover the entire project. The smarter ones did some brainstorming and began to investigate what to do in such a situation.

  1. They would work 24/7 and everyone would eventually fire off, handle notice or be on long-term sick leave.
  2. Hiring new people – but the project is about to start in two weeks and there is no capacity for that.
  3. Address the recruitment agency – it is very expensive and takes a long time.
  4. Find a company operating in a similar industry and has the necessary specialists – use IT sourcing.

it sourcing anodius 1


The fourth option could be a win-win. These specialists do not have to be your employees, but they can only help you for a certain time and project. This is particularly beneficial in the case of capacity fluctuations, as with the new projects mentioned above. So they do not have to work as permanent employees. Use their services only when their internal capacities are not sufficient. Expand the field for other CRM experts by IT Outsourcing.

it sourcing anodius 2


IT Sourcing is a service where two parties agree to co-operate within a certain time and content. The most widespread is Outsourcing, i.e. human capital, which is not from our internal state (our company) but from external sources. It is a great benefit for cost flexibility, as well as lowering the cost of human resources to the internal state. Businesses can thus focus on their primary areas and thus help themselves in the sphere which is not their cup of tea, or their internal team is not so numerous but they need them to successfully complete the project.

We have tried it and it worked.

“Collaboration with Anodius helped us in the critical phase of the project, where there was a boom in the need for CRM systems specialists. Anodius provided us with top specialists for this area and we were able to continue our set-up of ERP systems. So this project could come up with customer acceptance and we saved time and money comparing to if we wanted to do it ourselves.” Utility client.

it sourcing anodius 3



It is the way to achieve success in major projects where human capital is missing. Our CRM experts have many years of international experience and, in particular, well-done work with excellent results.  Please contact us, if you wish to benefit from our services.

Anodius, as a certified SAP and Salesforce partner also offers full lifetime on-premise and cloud CRM systems services. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.  We are happy to answer them.

Dávid Marko, IT Sourcing Consultant