28. April 2016

Discover the Smart Way to Get Your Business to the Next Level (Salesforce Cloud for Sales)

Throughout the rankings of various user satisfaction surveys, Salesforce is the best-rated CRM system. The user-friendly environment of the Salesforce Platform enables you to compose exactly what you need from the products offered. What can you use the Sales Cloud for?

The Salesforce within CRM solutions offers a number of products that make work easier and smartly address the processes in the area of marketing, sales, analytics, services, or business applications.

Among the customers, the most desirable is the Sales Cloud, thanks to which it is possible to improve significantly the efficiency of the sales team. As well as other products, also the Sales Cloud works in a cloud that allows you to share information among all team members in real-time, without restrictions.

Discover the Smart Way to Get Your Business to the Next Level (Salesforce Cloud for Sales) 1

About the Sales Cloud in General

The Sales Cloud is suitable both for larger and smaller companies and its main objective is to bring solutions, to promote the sales area, and in particular to achieve that it functioned as effectively as possible.

The Sales Cloud Platform could be compared to a social network, where each member of the team can share, but also make use of real-time information on all devices, regardless of what place s/he is right now.

Transparently grouped, within it, are the information about customers, activities of each sale “funnel” and also all management solutions.

You can thus follow, for example, all steps which directed the customer to conversion, so you can optimize all processes and achieve more conversions in the future.

Thanks to the fact, that Salesforce offers support in the cloud, when introducing the Sales Cloud (or any other product), any additional requirements for the purchase of hardware or software installation are not required.

Of course, it offers a mobile display, making it possible to carry your office with you anywhere and be constantly in touch with the information relating to the customers, opportunities, and reports.

The Interface of the Sales Cloud is fully customizable.

Salesforce additionally offers its clients a variety of price packages. Everyone can thus choose what s/he wants to use and how. Existing customers appreciate especially the intuitive control, which is easy to become familiar with right from the introduction.

Sales Cloud features that you will appreciate

Collects all customer data
Managing customer service can be easy with the Sales Cloud. It collects information about your customers and provides you retrospectively with access to data about your contacts, communication history, and comments on your services so that you can always be ready. Thanks to the cloud, this information is accessible to each team member.

Shows only what is important to you
The application interface can be fully customized. All processes can thus be controlled, in addition to it, only those factors that are relevant – concrete products, prices, etc. – will provide the input. In the Sales Cloud, you will also be able to easily create personalized emails and responses for a particular customer, but also effectively evaluate opportunities for further growth.

The Salesforce1 Mobile Application
Even outside the office, you can have unlimited access to the system through the application Salesforce1(support for Android and iOS). Wherever you will be able to evaluate the necessary metrics and data about campaigns – whether it means visiting your website or CTR data – simply everything that enters into the purchasing process and leads to the desired conversion.

Reports, dashboards, and all team member activities in one place
Sales Cloud allows you to easily create automated dashboards (notice boards) for each client and make reports according to them. In addition, through the application, you can see exactly what has been done and what still has not been finished. You will appreciate Sales Cloud in coordinating all the activities, you can see your tasks in it, as well as it allows you to delegate them to others.

Transparency and intuitiveness in using
That the Sales Cloud application stores all the information in logical units comes in handy when evaluating the opportunities and business risk. According to the development of individual projects, you can thus make faster decisions to be supported by real results.

Saving Time
Communication in a large team can be difficult. Deal with everything in one place with a colleague, who is currently across the globe and interact with several members of the team at a time. Each of you will then have insight into what is going on.

Integration with Google and Microsoft through AppExchange

App Exchange is similar to the Google Play or Apple Store an app marketplace. The AppExchange has apps that are customized Salesforce interface products.

Specifically, for the Sales Cloud, you can download and install Cirrus Insight, which makes it possible to link it to Gmail or Google Calendar. As a result, tedious switching between the Sales Cloud environment and Google will no longer be required, which significantly saves time for all team members.

A similar application is also the Outlook Integration from the ContactMonkey, which in turn connects the Salesforce with Outlook. As with Cirrus Insight, here it is also possible to create e-mail templates, in which, by few clicks, you can create a specific email for a particular situation or client. Such function exactly copies the one that is the interface of the Sales Cloud. If you send a lot of emails every day, it will significantly save time.

Discover the Smart Way to Get Your Business to the Next Level (Salesforce Cloud for Sales) 2

Assess what suits you

Although Salesforce enables its clients to use multiple applications and products, it is not always recommended to integrate everything. Sales Cloud, as one of these instruments, has its internal layout, allowing you even within its scope, to put together the ideal combination. Salesforce offers a variety of packages. 

The basic ones, for example, start at $ 25 per month (which is approximately 23 euros).

Salesforce applications are used worldwide, as well as a widespread network of local developers who act as intermediaries between Salesforce and the end customer. Such specialists can, on the basis of a business audit suggest what tools and applications you should use within the optimization of all processes. 

Anodius is a certified partner of Salesforce since 2014 and offers CRM consulting and CRM online solutions for all lines of business.  Our Salesforce consultants, experts are ready to advise you. 

Roman Kučák, Partner