19. April 2016

A Satisfied Customer = Prosperous Business

Satisfaction with customer support is important, regardless of the size of the business. It is not enough to provide a few hours of live chat for the customers – it is important to transfer all necessary information into one place and achieve that customer service would be realized in real-time. What is the added value brought by the Service Cloud Help-Desk?

One of the TOP trends in the area of customer care is access to the so-called „self-service“ system. This trend follows the development which has already started in recent years – customers first of all need to get answers to their questions directly from the Web and not through live customer service channels, such as phone calls, email, or live chat.

Another of the increased customer claims that are naturally transformed to requirements and according to which companies are evaluated, is the reaction speed and individual approach in all communication channels.

To achieve these essential factors in your customer service, you need to have all the information about your customers in one place, moreover in real-time. It is not enough to have outdated offline spreadsheet solutions; you achieve speed above all through the online solution in the cloud.

A Satisfied Customer = Prosperous Business

Service Cloud as one of the Salesforce products, which is a CRM solutions giant, is a tool for common, but also more demanding clients. According to assessments, it has been designed for small, medium but also large enterprises. 

Its main aim is to modernize, speed up and optimize customer service, particularly due to the possibility to work with information and provide services from any device.

In short, thanks to Service Cloud you are able to:

  • personalize customer service – you receive more input from customers and according to their behavior you know how to set up customized products and what services to offer them and you can also anticipate their future needs
  • provide support wherever you or they are – whether your customers use to contact you the phone, e-mail, social networks, applications, and other tools
  • prioritize and target more objectively – based on transparent and readily accessible information about your existing and potential customers
  • provide more intelligent self-service – give customers access exactly to the information they need to solve their problem

Observe three factors that will help you to improve your customer service productivity and effectiveness of your customer care can boost and improve, in case you comply with the principles that reflect the needs of current customers. What will be expected of you?

1. Speed

The speed factor is currently discussed in almost all spheres. No one feels surprised since the computerization of our times and the Internet of Things (IoT) place increased demands (not only) on services. 

The increased speed of the customer service you will achieve through process automation, in particular.

This will improve especially the working environment of the customer support staff, which will subsequently be reflected in the quality of services. 

Determine the work procedures and the system of notification, create answers to the most frequently asked questions, and use mobile tools and applications to keep track of the processes where ever you are.

2. Easy access to all information

Have a system to which you can add know-how and information from various departments. The establishment of a common base for the purpose of improving customer support will not only accelerate all processes but also create the best framework for creating documents with answers to frequently asked questions.

3. Ensure that customers have access to your self-service system

Today’s consumers want to find the information needed to resolve their problems even before they will be forced to contact customer support. For example, already in the year 2010, 72 % of US customers preferred self-service searches on a company website before contacting their customer support.

A quality website of small and medium businesses, packed with information, is also the only way to provide support effectively and without unnecessary costs, 24/7. It is particularly important to regularly update the shared data and care for their information value.

How can Service Cloud help you with all that?

Service cloud lightning

The latest addition to the Service Cloud “family” tools are the so-called “lightning consoles”, which enable the support staff with the ” speed of a lightning ” to obtain the necessary information to a particular case and client on the basis of all his/her prior activities and purchases.

Moreover, it is possible to connect all accessible devices used by the customer on the one hand and your operator, on the other hand. Thanks to transparent dashboards, you can assign the task to someone who deals with that particular industrial sector and whom it should concern – and exactly these are the factors that may make your customer support faster and more efficient.

Sharing the knowledge

Service Cloud, the same way as the other Salesforce products, essentially benefits from the advantages of the cloud. Sharing the knowledge is, therefore, nothing more than storing all suggestions and information from clients and also the facts established within each department, in real-time, from any device, where ever in the world.

Even the slightest knowledge of a particular cause leads to more personalized access to the customer and to faster response – so you can thus provide your customers with a high-quality and value-added service.

On the other hand, you can also create a kind of customer communities that meet the requirements of a self-service system. Such communities can be compared to our well-known discussion forums, where the customers can share knowledge with each other and where they can also access shared information directly from you.

Personalized live chat

Service Cloud allows you to connect an online live chat with the information collected from the customer, who is writing to you at the moment, for example on the basis of his/her behavior on your website. 

By linking each live chat with customer profiles, your customer support can become more personalized – the agent can go straight to the point, s/he can use keyboard shortcuts to messages prepared in advance and you can also monitor his/her productivity. In addition, the metrics from the live chat enter the customer profile.

Real-time analytics

Real-time analytics is an application providing the framework for all the benefits and functions of the Service Cloud. It brings a new level of knowledge about your customers at the time when things happen, moreover, thanks to the cloud, on any device. All those involved can thus always check the efficiency and the real state of the respective case.

As each relationship of a businessman with a customer is unique, the agent needs the right information. Salesforce Service Cloud collects them from all input channels – not only from the Salesforce systems (but also from Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter, and the like) – and assesses them in one place. Therefore, there is no need to switch between tools or tabs in browsers.

It allows you not only to respond to the problem of a particular customer but also to address the situation in advance before a crisis could even occur.

Real-customers particularly appreciate the easy implementation of the Service Cloud to internal systems.

According to customer reactions on the Software Advice or GetApp portals, the users of Service Cloud particularly appreciate its transparency in creating reports and dashboards, the easy implementation into existing systems, and last but not least, the ability to customize the interface according to the current needs.

The professional environment of the application and its intuitive use are valued most.

The most frequently mentioned disadvantage is the initial problem with orientation and navigation in the Service Cloud environment and the not entirely clear procedures for solving specific problems. As with any novelty, also with Service Cloud, it is best to use the services of the developers at Salesforce. Those are able, on the basis of analysis, to adjust the necessary extent of the use of each product to the customers and later, assist with the implementation and use of the application.

Roman Kučák
, Partner