Smart Metering SAP Integration is Crucial!

Step by step, smart devices used to meter energy consumption find their way to consumers. In this context, utility companies come across a lot of challenges, including communication and data exchange between metering devices and meter reading centres and SAP IS-U billing and invoicing system. Smart metering implementation projects require major system, data and process changes.

Therefore, correct setting of communication and interconnection of meter reading centers and SAP IS-U system is the crucial point. In addition, it is necessary to analyze any process requirements and changes resulting from smart metering implementation, and subsequently implement a lot of modifications of processes and adjustments of current IS-U system, as well as any changes within master data.

For implementation of such changes, the company Anodius uses its extensive experience in SAP implementation projects and improvements prepared for several significant utility companies. In the field of smart metering integration into SAP IS-U, Anodius offers the following services: Impact Analysis
  • Analyses of required device settings for smart metering in SAP IS-U
  • Analyses of impact of smart metering requirements for current processes, customer development and standard transaction processing
  • Analyses of required communication  between meter reading centre and SAP IS-U system

Design and Implementation
  • Design of implementation of system changes and customizing – extension of standard tables, creation and setting of customizing for smart meters
  • Design of changes and extensions of master data – extensions of data recording on particular type of metering device, its technical condition and smart meter management itself
  • Design and integration of smart meters into current processes (by means of standard WEB services) – installation/removal/replacement, readings, logon/logoff, technical condition of the device, sending messages to the device
  • Design and setting of communication – Monitoring of devices and readings for smart meters, mutual synchronization of data and complex setting of communication between SAP IS-U and meter reading centre

Starting the operation
  • Prototype – verification of correct functioning of selected data and process samples on prototype of meter reading center and SAP IS-U system interconnection
  • Full functionality testing – testing of data exchange between meter reading centre and SAP IS-U, testing of correct master data and all operations and processes over devices
  • Initial data uploading – support for uploading/migration of smart meter raw data into SAP IS-U system
  • System operation – support for putting the complete solution into full operation and its support
smart metering utilities
Smart metering

Investments in smart metering implementations are crucial for your utility company. Their success and expected business benefits depend on effective smart metering integration into current SAP systems.

With respect to our extensive references and experience, we believe that our company can significantly help you with smart metering implementation and its integration into current systems in your company.

Experts Will Advise You

Anodius is an official certified SAP partner. We have a team of professionals to help you with your SAP Hybris solution design, implementation, user training and any post-implementation services.

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