26. February 2013

Utility Competition Pushing CRM Investments

Bratislava, 26th of February (TASR-OTS) – The liberalization of the European electricity and gas market, resulting in the formation of alternative suppliers and competitive fight, pushing strongly energy companies to invest in IT solutions used for customer relationship management (CRM).

Almost all the major utility companies in Slovakia and the Czech Republic at present upgrade older or implement new CRM solutions”, says Roman Kučák, managing partner of company Anodius.

Anodius is a service partner specializing in SAP CRM solutions.

There are nearly 50 SAP partners active on the Slovak market, but only a few of them have competence in the area of customer relationship management. ” The SAP CRM field requires experience, know-how, and above all well-coordinated team, “added Kučák.

According to analyst firm Gartner Inc., SAP CRM solution ranked as no. 1 worldwide CRM solution two years ago with a
19.3 percent share of the total turnover of the CRM market. In fact, SAP has been the utility market CRM leading solutions for a long time.

Additional information: ANODIUS, a. s. (JSC), operates in the areas of IT consulting and is an SAP Service Partner of SAP Slovakia Anodius is one of the SAP CRM service leading companies in the CEE region providing comprehensive consulting, implementation, maintenance,
and further solution development.

Other activities include IT consulting and the development of mobile applications. The company Slogan is Walk the Talk, that words are actions.

Experts Will Advise You

Anodius is an official certified SAP partner. We have a team of professionals to help you with your SAP solution design, implementation, user training, and any post-implementation services.

Roman Kučák, Managing Partner