1. February 2012

RTOM (Real Time Offer Management)

Good managers manage supply to customers in real-time, real-time offer management indeed pays off.  Offer the right product or service at the right time is greatly increasing the propensity of customers to purchase.  Recognition of this fact should be especially by corporate contact centers.  This applies to the utility segment, banking, retail, as well as many others.

The so-called “Golden” opportunities, when the customer contacts the company, are very valuable and should be evaluated up the maximum.  The company should take advantage of the most effective way and offer clients real-time marketing messages, enhance the brand or recommend a new product, thereby increasing its profits, or choose the most appropriate retention program and keep the customer.  

The inbound marketing success rate is 40% compared to traditional marketing campaigns undertaken towards the customer; the success rate is around 3%.

Offer factors. The sales answer trying to promptly respond to customer requirements, while also increasing profits, will be the creation of an interesting offer in real-time.   

Several factors are evaluated in its preparations:

  • right time – customer-initiated contact with sales;
  • relations – the use of known information about the customer;
  • situation – identify the best deals in real-time based on customer profile and contact reason;
  • know – how – the contact lessons learned and immediate offer adjustment for the next customer.

RTOM system. Select the right offers for the right customer at the right time will help the RTOM tool – Real-Time Offer Management based on SAP ® to provide contact center employees an intelligent customer interaction.  RTOM helps transform incoming customer communications to the possibility of increasing returns.

Utilities, Telco and hi-tech. 

RTOM system includes, among other functionalities solutions for various business segments and industries. Includes scenarios for the utilities industry, banking, insurance, retail and wholesale, telco, post and hi-tech. These packages reflect processes, attributes, and events specific to individual sectors, while in utilities we speak of the place of supply or commercial agreement.

Today’s world is a world of opportunities and inbound interactions are the best opportunities ever to reach the customer.   

RTOM is the way you will always be able to present the best possible deals and improve the ratio of successful bids to increase your ultimate profit.

Demanding customer. Today’s customers expect from sales easy trading, relevant information, personalized menu, but also the opportunity and the ability to interact through multiple communication channels: call center, e-mail, SMS, instant messaging, web and social networks. Providing first-class service and support is taking for granted. The customer also assumes that the sale knows the history of all his interactions across all communication channels.

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Stanislav Micheller, Partner – Delivery Services