21. January 2021

Experience Talks 02.21

You can look forward to inspirational topics divided into two blocks:

A New Reality And Customer Experience DNA

How resistant was the customer DNA of companies to the COVD-19 virus in the Czech Republic and Slovakia? How has the approach of successful brands to the customer strategy and design changed? Tomáš Potmesil, who leads the Customer and Strategy team in the Czech office of KPMG, will present the results of the annual customer experience study. It will also focus on the relationship between corporate strategy and customer experience.

How Does (De) Motivate Customer Feedback Your Employees?

Who is engaged and who should be engaged? Forget the complicated scheme. Customer feedback is tremendous because it gives employees recognition. How to collect feedback, how to gamify it, how to link it to the Employee Experience, and ultimately improve business results?
Experience Talks 02.21

Date 23.2. 2021, 9.00 – 11.30