3. June 2021

Experience Talks 06.21

You can look forward to inspiring topics divided into two blocks (only available in Slovak/ Czech languages):

Business Lease, as a traditional leasing company, decided to swim against the current. Our goal is to be the best mobility provider, whose services will make the customer smile. We knew that without setting up the right internal environment and focusing on employees, it would not work. And so our customer experience strategy started with an internal employee experience. After achieving the first success, which consisted in stabilizing the team and the corporate environment, we were able to make further progress towards our customers and their experience with us. How we structured the strategy, drew customer paths, how we fix the red points, what was easy, what the challenge and what results we achieve, I will talk about all this in the next Experience Talks!

Lucia Ciskova has been working in the field of mobility services and operational leasing for 12 years. It has gradually developed through several business positions to the highest position in Slovakia, where it has been operating since January 2018. Its ambition is to move Business Lease to the best and most successful companies in Slovakia. In 2019, she included customer and employee experience among the building blocks of the company’s success, on which she works intensively with her excellent team. The company has 50 employees and today finances and manages 5,700 vehicles for corporate customers and individuals. In the mobility sector, the company has brought several innovations: mobility from one day, personal operating leasing for individuals, sale of used cars through its own bazaar, car sharing, or electrified fleet solutions. Hailing from the Tatras, she has a four-year-old son, and enjoys practicing and playing golf.

Year of experience with online operation summarized in thirty minutes. We all know that a combination of offline-online work, a hybrid world, awaits us. We have no idea how to design it properly yet, but it’s starting to show. Why does someone love and someone hates remote work? What to keep and what to change after returning to companies? Let’s think together about the ideal design of co-work.

Lukas Bakos has managerial experience from Telco and IT companies. Since 2009, he has led a number of projects at Maxman for local and multinational companies in Europe and Asia. He studied psychology at the Faculty of Arts of Comenius University and received postgraduate education at the Australian UC Sydney and Ph.D. at the Faculty of Management, Charles University. He is dedicated to the development of top managers, and his heart is building self-management teams and helping companies create an environment with high independence, agility, and autonomy. He is angry at the state of Slovak education, so in addition to working at Maxman, he teaches future psychologists at FSEV UK.

  • Date 23. 6. 2021, 9.00 – 11.30
  • Venue: HubHub Bratislava + ONLINE