17. February 2021

Experience Talks 03.21

You can look forward to inspiring topics divided into two blocks:

Data Democratization Step by Step

There is a lot of discussion about data and working with it. At Česká sporiteľňa, we practically tried out how to make data available effectively in the corporation 10,000+. So we are happy to present a look into our data and insight kitchen. How to learn to work well with 220+ customer journey experts. When to use internal data and when it is better to obtain information directly from clients. How to do it easily and at the same time methodologically correct. Online or offline.

How To Get Into The Consumer’s Head

How do consumers make decisions? What are the key issues in managing customer behavior and how do they relate to the customer experience? The decision-making process of consumers in terms of theory and many real examples from Slovakia, O2, and the digital operator Radosť.

Date 10. 3. 2021, 9.00 – 11.30