1. July 2013

SAP CRM 7.0. Enhancement in E.ON CZ

Company Anodius, as SAP CRM projects supplier in E.ON Czech Republic Group, has significantly contributed to enhancement of the existing SAP CRM 7.0 (Customer Relationship Management) system performance and lower TCO.

The main Products Innovation project objective was the implementation of the new areas and functionalities primarily focusing to the sales process functions. 

Anodius successfully covered the following project scope:

  • optimization action proposal;
  • performance improvement of existing custom enhancements;
  • WEB UI programming, creation of the new custom enhancements for better coverage of customer needs;
  • changing the existing custom enhancements in CRM;
  • performance tuning of mass tools in SAP CRM;
  • development of checks with the usage of custom check framework;
  • system testing; go-live in several steps and support.

The man Power Plants project objective was the extension for power plants in SAP CRM /ISU and local power generation unit maintenance, including implementation of the legislative requests regarding power plants. 

Anodius successfully covered the following project scope:  customer requirements analysis and impacts to the existing systems; creation of the development specifications; development of the new objects together with customization; changing existing CRM processes based on process Framework for IC and Sales role; development of the custom enhancements in WEB UI for IC and Sales role; custom development of the data interchange on deregulated market (Sales, Distribution, Operator) within the help of custom IDE solution; creation of the interfaces between CRM and ISU for smooth running of processes; mass tool creation for changing of contracts; development of the checks with usage of custom check framework; system testing; go-live and support.

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