8. July 2018

Salesforce integration (simple app)

With WebServicer you can integrate Salesforce.com to SAP or any other external system or application via SOAP WebServices. All without a line of code and most importantly – without any middleware!

How to do it?

  • Upload web service definition (WSDL) file, map object fields to web service inputs and outputs and you are ready to make callouts to update records of this object. No code is required.
  • You remain in control – your data does not get out of hand, they are updated on-demand for individual records only when you need them.
  • No middleware is needed, Webservicer connects directly to the external web services.

The integration of different systems is expensive, time-consuming and difficult task to do, right? Not anymore! WebServicer completely changes the world of Salesforce.com integration. Do you have data in your SAP system that you want to see in Salesforce.com? Then you are just two steps away from getting them!

  1. Upload your WSDL file from SAP
  2. Map fields from SAP fields structure to Salesforce.com fields structure

And that’s it, you are ready to see this data in your Salesforce.com org.
WebServicer enables you not only Salesforce to SAP integration, but you can also integrate any other system. Do you want to see the current exchange rate for Bitcoin currency? Integrate with any public service that provides exchange rates via WebServices.

Salesforce integration (simple app)


  • This version of the app allows usage of up to 3 different services and mapping of 5 different fields for each object.
  • The app now does not support authentication – only publicly accessible endpoints are supported.
  • Basic understanding of the functionality of the web service you wish to integrate is recommended (e.g. format of input and output data)

If you have any additional requirements pls. feel free to contact us!