21. August 2019

SAP C4C Platform Integration 1908 What’s New

During this summer, the SAP company launches an upgrade of Sales Cloud and Service Cloud to the newest version with the trademark 1908. The testing tenants for all customers will be upgraded during the last weekend of July, followed by the production tenants 10. – August 11, 2019. In this article, we will go through the most important changes of SAP Sales Cloud, which make the work easier and quicker for end-users.

End of HTML5 UI with 1911 release

The August 1908 version will be the last production release for the HTML5 client. Because of technical limitations, HTML5 UI will end its functioning in November 2019. In 1908, the Fiori client becomes the default one and, if you haven’t done so yet, we recommend you to prepare for this change for all users.

Fiori: Moving actions to the upper part of the screen

All actions will be moved to the upper part of the screen. Thanks to this, you will not need to look for the actions scattered around the entire UI. Finalizing actions such as Save or Cancel remain in the lower part.

SAP C4C Platform Integration 1908 What's New 1

Fiori: Editing objects in a list

One of the most important features of the new version, which is available for almost all objects (from leads through contracts to products), is the editable lists. This will allow you quick editing of information and quick preview without the need to go to the detail of the current object. By this, you will save several clicks and, of course, precious time.

SAP C4C Platform Integration 1908 What's New 2

Fiori: Editable quick preview

Thanks to the new quick preview, which will appear in the side panel after clicking on the object name, you will have quick access to the basic information on the object. This preview will also be editable and it is possible to run simple actions on the object within it. However, this functionality has to be requested via Support Incident and it will not be available for all objects. Anyway, its expansion is planned.
SAP C4C Platform Integration 1908 What's New 2

Fiori: Content of the homepage in the buffer

Because of the quality improvement of logging into the system, the contents of your homepage will be saved into the buffer, i.e. it will be available immediately after logging in (potential changes which occurred in the meantime will be updated immediately).

SAP C4C Platform Integration 1908 What's New 4

Among other more significant Fiori UI improvements in Release 1908, we would like to mention:

  • Address validation for an individual customer
  • Improvement of pie charts
  • Change the name of Easy Create pop-ups so that it is clear from where they were created
  • Diverse report displays in mobile devices

Integration innovations

Replication of Service tickets from SAP Service Cloud to SAP Marketing Cloud

From now on, the Service tickets will be replicated into Marketing Cloud, where a record on interaction with the main information from the Service Cloud ticket will be created. Such a record can be subsequently used to launch measures to increase the customer’s satisfaction.

Creation of Sales/Service contracts with the same ID as in S/4HANA

It will be possible for contracts created in S4/HANA, or rather ERP and replicated into C4C, to be created in C4C with the same ID.

Integration of a CLM contract with an offer in v SAP Sales Cloud

From SAP Sales Cloud, you can launch the creation of a Contract Lifecycle Management contract, which can be negotiated with the client by the legal department. The final document of such a CLM contract is added to the offer in Sales Cloud as an Attachment.

If you were interested in the news published in Release 1908 and you would like to learn more about them, the Anodius company offers first-class certified services and consultations in all areas of SAP Customer Experience.

Dominik Filip, CRM Consultant