13. August 2019

SAP C/4HANA – What’s New Coming for You?

Are you interested in the latest C/4HANA CX Suite updates? In this article, you are at the right address.

This series of articles is for all who already use, or only plan to utilize thousands of features brought by CX Suite. Did you just now made a decision to reinforce and improve your business processes via Sales Cloud, or were you interested in automation in marketing and you are enjoying segmentation and multi-channel communication options in Marketing Cloud? Or, eventually, are you providing for your customers precise and reliable service via Service Cloud?


The entire world is changing and everything surrounding us is running faster. We can either step aside and watch the influence of those changes to our business and have a possibility to respond only afterward. Or, there is a possibility adopted by many successful for their lives– to acquire the right information in sufficient advance and prepare for the forthcoming changes.

In the case of the CX Suite from SAP, various improvements and changes in favor of the customers come every 3 months. It is not always easy to embrace and realize, how influential will those changes be to your business and your processes.

At Anodius, we would like to meet you halfways and disburden you from spending a long time at analysis and looking for the right information. We will do for and instead of you the analysis, deduction, and selection of the substantial information and, at every regular release, we will bring you a survey of the most important planned features. Self-evident is providing also the dates and the deadlines, until when you need to adapt yourself to the changes.

SAP C/4HANA - What's New Coming for You


SAP CX SUITE comes in various different modules, each of them having its regular quarterly updates. Information on the news will be delivered to you regularly for the modules related to the changes (e.g. Sales, Marketing, Service, E-Commerce, or Customer Data Cloud). At the same time, we will inform you how are those changes related to the non-cloud versions and their potential influence on other SAP modules (e.g. ERP or others).


Anyway, that is enough for the introductory speech; let’ have a look at the news:

SAP 1911 Release:

SAP 1908 Release:


SAP 1905 Release:


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Miroslav Procházka, CX Solution manager