24. September 2021

SAP Cloud for Utilities (C4U) – introduction and overview

Be more than a utility provider, exceed customer expectations.

SAP Cloud for Utilities (C4U) – predstavenie a všeobecný prehľad_08

Basic features and advantages

The idea is to build a universal product innovation engine for the utilities of tomorrow.

SAP Cloud for Utilities is SAP’s new SaaS suite that addresses core business processes of the individual utilities market roles with a focus on Energy, Water, and Services. This suite is developed in co-innovation with utility companies. SAP Cloud for Utilities can be consumed end-to-end in the public cloud-only or, in a modular way, integrated into the SAP S/4HANA for Utilities On-Premise suite. It provides seamless integration of the relevant end-to-end processes. The suite has a strong functional focus on Utilities as agile customer-centric multi-service providers: energy, water, and any kind of complementary products and services out of commodity and non-commodity offerings. SAP Cloud for Utilities is the largest investment SAP has made in Utilities since the launch of SAP IS-U in 1998.

  • this is a brand new platform, which is developed especially for the utility providers
  • now you have full control of end-to-end lead to cash and meter to cash processes
  • wide support for consumers and also for prosumers
  • the platform is modular and can be adjusted and modified to meet the utilities provider individual needs
  • this solution can be used for commodity and non-commodity business management

SAP Cloud for Utilities (C4U) – predstavenie a všeobecný prehľad_02

The energy revolution is a large transformation program

SAP Cloud for Utilities (C4U) – predstavenie a všeobecný prehľad_03

SAP Cloud for Utilities global co-innovation customers

  • During the development of this platform, SAP cooperates with major suppliers of energy and services, to improve the functionality of the solution for the best possible customer service and also for the best possible employee experience.

  • The co-innovation group is open to all utilities and currently consists of 19 leading global utilities serving more than 100 million customers.

SAP Cloud for Utilities (C4U) – predstavenie a všeobecný prehľad_04

Cloud for Utilities is focused on four KPIs

  • The system is focused on four KPIs, to achieve efficient and complete services.

  • SAP Cloud for Utilities drives commodity and non-commodity business growth simultaneously

SAP Cloud for Utilities (C4U) – predstavenie a všeobecný prehľad_05

Flexible pricing based on customer usage and needs

  • Every customer gets automatically a full suite in minimal configuration.
  • The total price is mainly determined by customer individual usage patterns.
  • High flexibility: Customer can swap usage rights within contracted budget.
  • One single (customer-individual) subscription price for the whole SAP C4U Suit.

SAP Cloud for Utilities (C4U) – predstavenie a všeobecný prehľad_06

Building blocks of SAP Cloud for Utilities

  • We will describe the functionality of individual modules in more detail within the next blog.

Fedor Rossoskiy, CRM Consultant