12. June 2017

Seamless Integration of Salesforce and SAP

SAP is one of the most widely used enterprise resource planning software (ERP) to date, used by companies all around the world to assist and support various business processes. To ensure full automation and optimization of business processes, it is crucial to integrate SAP software with other business applications used in the company. The successful integration, however, might be a problem to tackle for many companies.

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Integration of SAP and Salesforce applications

The integration of these two systems ensures automatic and instant synchronization of data from both systems. The basis for such successful integration of Salesforce and SAP CRM/ ECC systems is two-sided automatic data transfer from one system to another.

When new information about a customer is entered into Salesforce it will automatically be available via synchronization of systems in SAP, so the data will be made accessible for other business functions managed in the SAP system in the company right away. It is possible to transfer any kind of object, however, the most commonly transferred objects are various kinds of data from business partners, contacts, opportunities, or offers. 

As communication is two-sided, the required information created in SAP is instantly available in Salesforce as well.

Integration Scheme

Seamless Integration of Salesforce and SAP 1

The integration offers many benefits:

  • synchronization of data in both systems
  • chance to use the existing SAP PI integration platform
  • transparent monitoring of messages
  • speed – data are transferred instantly
  • use of standard communication channels
  • safety –  all incoming and outcoming communication is encrypted

How does the transfer work?

The best way how to explain the process of data transfer is by a practical example. Let’s say that a business partner is already created in SAP ERP standard transaction mode. In order to send the data over to Salesforce, the SAP creates a so-called intermediate document (IDoc – an SAP document format for business transaction data transfers) with all the necessary information about the business partner such as name, surname, address, and contact details.

The IDoc is then sent automatically to the SAP Process Integration (PI).

In PI the IDoc is transformed into an XML message and sent directly to Salesforce. Thanks to synchronous communication, Salesforce immediately sends a reply containing information about the business partner’s successful registration and with this, the transfer is completed and data made available to financials, performance management, and other business functions managed by SAP.

API calls 
The messages that these two systems are exchanging are crucial to a successful transfer of data and synchronous communication. Each message sent to or from Salesforce equals one API call (a specific operation to perform a certain task). The number of such calls is limited by a license to 1000 calls per 1 user. Since messages or API calls facilitate the communication of these applications, it is recommended to use BULK API instead of the SOAP API, in cases when the permitted number of API calls is likely to be exceeded.


These are some recommendations to help you ensure successful integration and safe use of both systems:

  • perform the initial loading of data into Salesforce only with the standard tool called Data Loader
  • synchronize only the necessary data (to avoid 1:1 duplication of systems)
  • pay attention to the safety of transferring data
  • analyze the amount of sent data before the implementation to calculate a required number of API calls

Our Solution

We have developed an app for CRM system Salesforce enabling seamless integration of SAP through direct mapping of Salesforce fields via specific web services (published from SAP).  So now you can easily pull data directly from SAP (or any system) even without using the costly SAP PI. 

In case you are interested in the live demo preview please do not hesitate to contact us.  

Check out more info and download Webservicer.

Experts Will Advise You

Anodius is an official SAP and Salesforce partner.   We have a team of professionals ready to advise you with the design, implementation, upgrade, and end-user training of the selected CRM system solution.

Michal Babinec, CRM Consultant