28. July 2016

Sell Smarter, Anytime, Anywhere

Selling today is more complex than ever. You need to know your customer’s unique challenges, their industry, what they like, and how to help them achieve their business objective.

Moreover, customers themselves are better informed, socially connected, and able to switch products, services, and vendors more easily than ever before.  More importantly, they are now starting the buying cycle far longer before they are engaging with salespeople.  In fact, your customers are shutting you out for more than half of the sales cycle.

Why SAP Sales Cloud?

Businesses need to deliver a seamless customer experience across all communication channels – in person, on the phone, online. With SAP Sales Cloud, part of SAP C4C solution, CRM online, you are now able:

  • Sell Anywhere – With a mobile-first approach, engage with your customers, manage your activities and continuously track your performance. Changes made on your mobile device will update the system over the internet in real-time so you will always be up to date when you are on the go!
  • More Time Selling And Less Admin – Accelerate productivity by mobility and automating complex business processes making it fast and simple to manage accounts, opportunities, and other activities so sales spend less time on administrative tasks and more time engaging with customers.  Tap into the collective intelligence of your extended sales team and internal experts to plan more effectively and share best practices.
  • Turn Insight Into Action – Giving sales reps access to real-time customer analytics and sales data in the context of their accounts and opportunities helps them engage and connect with customers in a personal, relevant way. Without the box interactive dashboards, embedded reports with real-time content, and advanced analysis tools, you will gain the visibility needed to exceed your sales targets and avoid the end-of-quarter surprises.
  • Know Your Customer – Providing sales with easy, instant access to back-office information to provide a complete customer view and flexibility to create orders, quotes, and service tickets on-site. With native SAP ERP and SAP CRM integration and business application mash-ups, you’re always effortlessly up-to-speed on your customers and accounts.

Sell Smarter, Anytime, Anywhere 2

What are the core capabilities sales will love?

Account Management Intelligence – Quickly update accounts, access complete customer intelligence and keep everyone in the loop to ensure you and your team are delivering the right impact in every customer conversation.

Collaboration & Social Selling – Accelerate sales cycles by collaborating effectively with your sales team, internal experts, customers, and partners – all in the context of your accounts and opportunities.

Opportunity Management and Insight – Track sales activities, get real-time insight into opportunities and keep tabs on the competition. Accelerate wins by using guided selling materials specific to each deal – and submit quotes and orders in seconds.

Real-Time Actionable Analytics – Monitor performance in real-time, improve forecast accuracy and run what-if analysis to zero-in on the right opportunities. Avoid end-of-quarter surprises with interactive dashboards, embedded reports, and advanced analytics.

Simple User Experience – The solution has an intuitive, user-friendly interface. Built for the way you actually work, the solution makes it easy to access customer and product information, place orders, collaborate in context, and more.

ERP Integration – Push back-office information to users in real-time – so they never have to hunt for pricing, quotes, or sales orders again. With native SAP ERP integration, all users can effortlessly stay on top of their accounts.

Microsoft Outlook Integration – Leverage the familiar tools you use every day.  It also works with your existing e-mail and calendar applications – such as Microsoft Outlook.

Sales Retail Execution – The solution has retail execution capabilities designed to help you sell consumer products. Use it to plan and execute effective store visits, run successful promotions, enhance the retail experience for consumers, and more.

Sales Performance Management – Turn sales strategy into action by guiding and coaching sellers to ways to increase revenue, and exceed goals and objectives. Your team can also sell faster and perform better with the right territory management and forecasting and quota planning.

What is the economic impact?

In January 2014, SAP commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) Study and examine the potential return on investment (ROI) enterprises may realize by deploying SAP Cloud for Sales.

Sell Smarter, Anytime, Anywhere 2

Matej Belák
, Sr. SAP Consultant