12. July 2016

Meet SAP Customer Cloud Solution (SAP C4C)

Welcome to a new world! This is not the SAP that you know. Thanks to SAP Customer Cloud (SAP C4C) you have to completely re-think what it takes to implement the SAP projects in terms of time and resources.

Why SAP Customer Cloud?

Today’s digital customer requires companies to be one step forward. C4C SAP solution makes it possible, moreover, on one side it increases the effectiveness of the providers of products and services and on the other, it increases customer satisfaction.

This online CRM portfolio combines marketing, sales, business, customer service, and social CRM allowing your team to develop a strong inter-connection and thus enhance the ability to communicate effectively with customers through any communication channel.

Meet SAP Customer Cloud Solution (SAP C4C)

 is a solution based on SaaS, i.e. you only pay for the CRM cloud services that you use, on a monthly basis. 

Analytics in real-time and a predictive insight in order to improve interaction across all channels are obviously part of the solution. 

Data are available on all devices, including mobile ones.

Sell more intelligently and find it easier to cope with the challenges of present customers with the information SAP Sales Cloud:

  • Deal with each customer in an easy and effective way
  • Use proved sales techniques thanks to the sales management and social cooperation
  • Support effective cooperation between your sales team and other experts
  • Be productive, not only in your office but also on the move – whether you’re online or offline
  • Spend less time on administrative tasks and more customer

Ensure high-quality service thanks to the SAP Service Cloud:

Make a “wow” impression on the digital customer with a consistent service across all communication channels. Provide your contact center agents or helpdesk with a complete overview of your customers so that they can promptly address their requirements. You can neither forget to equip your service technicians with the proper mobile tools.

Communicate with customers through social channels:

Aiming a quick response and increased satisfaction of your customers, it is also necessary to include social media among the primary communication channels. Respond rapidly and appropriately whenever you are mentioned in an online space.

Who is the solution?

It is important to realize that the SAP C4C is a standard SAP solution, with limited potential requirements for extension and improvement.

You should also understand that SAP CRM consultants are not automatically also SAP C4C consultants. Yes, between the two solutions, there is a number of similarities, but there are many more differences!

So, it is necessary to cooperate with certified cloud partners of the SAP company, who have the appropriate team.

You should always use the SAP cloud implementation methodology because it works easily and you will thus avoid needless overpricing and overextension of the project.

The solution is primarily suitable for those, who seek reliable, standard, pragmatic, and rapidly deployable solutions in the area of CRM online.

How long does the deployment of SAP C4C take?

In any case, a 5-member team should be enough to start a project that requires integration and expansion.

If you are using SAP cloud implementation methodology, project delivery should not take longer than 4-12 weeks, depending on the complexity and scope of the solutions.

Experts will advise you

Anodius is an official certified partner of the SAP.  We have a team of professionals ready to advise you with the design, implementation, and training of the users of SAP C4C solution.

Matej Belák, Partner – SAP Cloud Services