12. May 2016

Connect With Your Customers Exactly as It Suits Them

Who wants to do marketing these days must follow the latest trends and adapt them to the behavior of the customers. The Marketing Cloud from Salesforce can help you succeed.

Marketing of today is mobile

Mobile marketing and social networks – these are the TOP topics (not only) of the latest period in the world of advertising and marketing, which are definitely worth monitoring and adapting to one´s activities too.

The so-called “digital consumers”, according to the latest statistics of February 2016, already own 3.64 devices per person, while spending most of their time on their mobile phones.

In relation to social networks, it is particularly interesting to follow the development of mobile advertising on Facebook.

On March 2nd, already 3 million business advertisers from the whole world have been active, out of which 70 % were from outside the United States. The number of users who use Facebook strictly on their mobile devices increased from 723 million to 827 million, which represents a 13.2% quarterly increase. Surprising is not even the fact that of the total $ 5.63 billion, which Facebook earned JUST on advertising revenue, up to 80 % came precisely from mobile devices.

For marketers, all this means one thing – the trend of mobile ads is the number one topic. In addition, however, experts in the field also give importance to marketing automation, an increase of the importance of the content relevant to the customer and also the importance of the so-called “big data”, i.e. the information and data from the market and customers. Easy access to this data then logically leads to the ability to anticipate the development and adapt to it and also to avoid possible crises and slumps in the market.

Connect With Your Customers Exactly as It Suits Them

Modern customers need to feel that they are important to you and that you understand their needs. In advertising and marketing, huge sums of money circulate with the objective to persuade new customers to try your product and buy it. If the marketing activities are not based on a high-quality product or service, such a client becomes a so-called “One-time buyer“.
The best thing that can happen is if a new customer enjoys the experience with your product so much that s/he will return again and again. Give him good service, monitor what s/he needs, and customize the channels of communication, depending on the device s/he uses.

The Marketing Cloud from Salesforce traditionally copies the development of marketing and its current needs and brings to its users a mixture of regularly updated products according to the latest trends. Their selection is based on specific settings and activities and also on the instruments the company uses from the marketing mix.

Which tools are part of the Marketing Cloud?

Marketing Cloud, as a representative of the Salesforce giant product family, is a useful tool that helps to create advertising campaigns based on an automatic collection of customer-related information and also to monitor brand visibility, and publish content based on what customers want to read.

However, it primarily provides all solutions from Salesforce – facilitates communication both within the department and outside of it. Users especially value the clear and transparent interface, many useful tools as well as easy integration with the other clouds.

Four packages with a different mix of marketing tools are available. It is possible to select only one or a combination of several, the essential is to achieve the best solution for achieving the objectives and also to involve fans through personalized messages at the right time and with the right channels.

Among the tools you can find:

Journey Builder – The life cycle of the customer with a brand – Thanks to the simplicity of the user interface, this tool enables you to visualize easily the interaction of the customers with your campaign. It includes both online and offline channels and the collected data helps to create personalized marketing for each customer. The result can be what should be the goal of every business – to have a unique relationship with the customer that produces conversion.

E-mail marketing – E-mail marketing is a great way to inform your customer specifically about what s/he needs to know and what you think s/he should know. This Marketing Cloud tool works on a similar principle as the Journey Builder – it tracks customer behavior and optimizes e-mail marketing campaigns. It also helps to automatically generate reports according to the phases of the life cycle of the customer, while for example, uses data from the A / B testing newsletters.

Mobile marketing – It allows you to connect with customers on the basis of what device they use. With the help of the Marketing Cloud, you can send real-time alerts and notifications of the transactions performed thanks to the templates of SMS and MMS messages, concerning tickets, coupons, updates, or polls. You can also reach your customers more precisely – according to geographical targeting.

Marketing on social networks – Social Studio is a tool thanks to which you can monitor and analyze references to your brand, and your products, but also on competitors worldwide. All this aims to improve campaigns. With Social Studio, however, you can also plan the publication of contributions within the whole team, and last but not least also track the ongoing campaigns on all social networks in one place more transparently.

Web personalization – Despite the massive onset of social networks as information channels, the Web still remains a key point in the context of interaction of the brand with the customer. Marketing Cloud is a simple tool for creating content for the web and for those who have no programming experience, and, as with other instruments, the data obtained from the customer’s behavior can help here considerably too.

Anticipating customer preferences – As you can track customer behavior and the history of their interactions with your brand thanks to the Marketing Cloud, you can more easily understand how your brand is being perceived. Based on these findings, you can optimize your campaigns with a view to obtaining a greater number of conversions. In addition, you can also facilitate the “life” of your customers with your brand, and prepare for them a personalized experience – for example, by means of content that would be useful and relevant.

Creating content that will attract attention – Create, manage and monitor how the customers interact with your content on all communication channels (web, social networks, SMS, and MMS messages) in one place, with intelligently set up functionalities for tracking. Thanks to intelligence that can predict customer preferences and it will be easier to deliver sophisticated content that attracts and will have a high information value for your customers.

The customization of the interface wins in all reviews

User reviews for each application are a test by fire. Because, one thing is a general description of the advantages of the product, but another thing is its actual use. If you are thinking of the Marketing Cloud, the reviews e.g. on the G2 Crowd, one of the largest international platforms for the reviews of business applications and software, can help you to make your decision.

Here, the Marketing Cloud from Salesforce has achieved an evaluation of 4.2 of 5.

The users consider as the main advantage, in particular, the possibility to customize the interface, the large number of tools that save time and help create an image from the data obtained directly from the customers is also positively assessed. Negatively it perceived the initial difficulty in the navigation and a long time until the use of the application will get automatic. In a similar way, the Marketing Cloud is evaluated in the reviews on GetApp.

Roman Kučák, Partner