5. May 2020

What’s new in SAP Sales Cloud 2005

This week a regular upgrade of the SAP Cloud for Customer system to the latest 2005 version will be launched. Test tenants for all customers will be upgraded during the weekend of 2. – 3 May, followed by production tenants 2 weeks later on 16. – 17 May. In this article, we will go through the most important changes of SAP Sales Cloud, which make the work easier and quicker to end-users.

At first, the message for fans of Internet Explorer (although there probably aren’t many of them). In November 2020, support for Internet Explorer will end, mainly due to its obsolescence. On the other hand, the MS Edge browser will be supported from release 2005.

Release 2005 is bringing several innovations related to the SAP C4C user interface in general, as well as the SAP Sales Cloud functionalities throughout the entire sales cycle. Here are the most interesting ones.

Intelligent Sales Execution

Certainly, the most interesting innovation, which also cooperates with machine learning. However, this new work center will currently only be available on request through SAP Support, as it is a phased delivery at this moment. It will include three views:

  • Pipeline Manager – allows the user to view opportunities for any period (month, quarter, year) and identifies those at risk through a bubble chart, where the color of the bubble indicates the health of the opportunity (through the mentioned machine learning). The sales rep can identify them very quickly and act so that he does not lose them. He can also update opportunities directly in this view without having to click elsewhere.

What’s new in SAP Sales Cloud 2005 1

  • Pipeline Flow – this allows you to understand why and how the pipeline changed during the period you specify. This makes it easy to explore leaked opportunities, commit opportunities that were eventually lost, newly created opportunities, and so on. In this way, you can identify past trends and see what needs to be improved.

What’s new in SAP Sales Cloud 2005 2

  • Forecast Tracker – allows you to perform forecast simulations at the opportunity level with one click. With this tool, you can compile accurate and predictable forecasts, which you can, for example, break down into territories, remove or add individual Opportunities, and also track their history. Why not transfer the forecast process from spreadsheets to an intuitive and fast workflow?

What’s new in SAP Sales Cloud 2005 3

Activity Scheduler enhancement

In addition to tasks and surveys, the user will be able to include appointments and phone calls in the activity plan. Calls and meetings can therefore also be assigned to relevant objects, such as opportunities or quotes. Now you can manage your sales representatives with a flexible activity scheduler by designing phone calls and scheduled meetings based on certain attributes in the opportunity or quote. The previous release supported only tasks.

What’s new in SAP Sales Cloud 2005 5

Linking opportunities and contracts

It often happens that the user creates a separate contract without linking to other documents in the sales cycle. From now on, however, it will be possible to link the existing opportunity to the contract directly in the contract details. Such an opportunity will be linked as a predecessor.

What’s new in SAP Sales Cloud 2005 6

Adding “Favourites” in the Sales Cloud app

Thanks to the possibility to mark important leads, opportunities, activities, or accounts as “Favourites”, you will have all the important objects to focus on in one place. Once you work on these objects and the priority falls on others, you simply deselect them and replace them with others.
What’s new in SAP Sales Cloud 2005 7


Other enhancements in release 2005 include:

  • Possibility to create a lead as the following object from the visit
  • Upload multiple photos at once in the extended app
  • Viewing product configuration details from the SAP ECC system in the quote
  • Various improvements to the Perfect Store functionality


Release  2005 news shows that SAP is listening to its customers, improving your Employee Experience and Customer Experience. If you also lack some functionality in SAP C4C, do not hesitate to make a suggestion for improvement.

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Dominik Filip, CX Consultant