30. April 2020

What is new in SAP Cloud for Customer – Platform and Integration 2005

This week a regular upgrade of the SAP Cloud for Customer system to the latest 2005 version will be launched. Test tenants for all customers will be upgraded during the weekend of 2. – 3 May, followed by production tenants 2 weeks later on 16. – 17 May. In this article, we will go through the most important changes of SAP Cloud for Customer, which make the work easier and quicker to end users.

Release 2005 is bringing few innovations related to the SAP C4C user interface in general, as well as integration, here are the most interesting of them.

Internet Explorer support is coming to its end

At first, the message for fans of Internet Explorer (although there probably aren’t many of them). In November 2020, support for Internet Explorer will end, mainly due to its obsolescence. On the other hand, the MS Edge browser will be supported from release 2005.

Key user tools

The news also addressed the personalization and adaptation of the system. Thanks to customer suggestions for improvement, it will be possible to copy page layouts in adaptation mode. All changes made within one layout will be copied to the new one. It will be completely independent of the original, so you can further modify it without changing the original one.
What is new in SAP Cloud for Customer - Platform and Integration 2005 1


Within the personalization, there are new icons for changing the properties of fields (mandatory, read-only, visibility) directly in the list of fields, without the need to click on a specific field. Clicking on these icons will override all existing field rules. To set the rules, it is necessary to go to a specific field.

For custom fields, it will be possible to turn on the donut graphs view as part of the adaptation. You will also be able to turn this feature on and off for standard fields.

What is new in SAP Cloud for Customer - Platform and Integration 2005 2

SAP Cloud Application Studio

As part of Application Studio, SAP introduced three key enhancements:

  • Performance trace – Partners can analyze script execution time and the time that individual constructs take up in the script.

What is new in SAP Cloud for Customer - Platform and Integration 2005 3

  • Enhancing/creating a new Quick View – Enhancements such as adding custom fields, editing sections, or properties are supported for standard Quick View. In addition to standard objects, a new Quick View can also be created for custom objects.

  • Offline mode – partners will be able to improve their solutions for offline operation, but this is limited and it is necessary to verify whether the functionality can also work offline.

Integration with CPQ

You will also be able to copy the CPQ quotes, including price and configuration information. During the copy process, the user can only edit the opportunity reference.  Another innovation is that a new workflow rule that updates the total value of the opportunity from the CPQ quote when it is marked as the primary quote. The primary quote indicator is exchanged between C4C and CPQ.

What is new in SAP Cloud for Customer - Platform and Integration 2005 3

Outlook – bidirectional phone call replication

Thanks to the free Outlook Add-in, users can create a phone call in Outlook and it will be replicated to C4C, with this release it works vice versa, so the phone call created in C4C will also be replicated to Outlook. But beware, this does not apply to call cancellation. If this happens in Outlook, the cancellation will not be synchronized to C4C, although I believe that SAP will incorporate this functionality as well.

Other more significant enhancements in release 2005 include the following:

  • Enhanced charts in dashboards and reports
  • Possibility to hide notifications
  • Enhanced document flow
  • Reporting an incident directly to the provider
  • Viewing product configuration details from the SAP ECC system on the quote

Release  2005 news shows that SAP is listening to its customers, improving your Employee Experience and Customer Experience. If you also lack some functionality in SAP C4C, do not hesitate to make a suggestion for improvement via https://influence.sap.com/.

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Dominik Filip, CX Consultant