30. January 2020

What’s New in SAP Marketing Cloud 2002?

3 months after the introduction of the last release passed quickly and so SAP introduced a new batch of enhancements for its SAP Marketing Cloud. These will be deployed to the test systems on the first weekend of February and you will be able to enjoy them in full production 2 weeks later. So let’s introduce what SAP has for us this time.

Data Load application with smart field mapping

Forget the old data upload to the system as csv. files via Import Data. SAP has come up with a revolutionary new solution that will make your work much easier. At first glance, it may be insignificant but an important change for the person involved is the ability to upload data not only in csv. format but also xlsx. Everyone agrees that this format is easier to work with and it is great that SAP has started to support its import. You can also forget about searching for technical attribute names. Thanks to the filled data, the system intelligently suggests mapping, but of course you can change it before uploading. A great advantage is also the added validation step, which before the actual data upload to the system checks the file and alerts you of any errors. This gives you the opportunity to fix the file before final upload, which was not possible in Import Data. The ability to download sample files for all uploaded objects is a matter of course. 

What’s New in SAP Marketing Cloud 2002 1


Track anonymous customer interactions with Google Analytics 360

Let’s imagine an example of a customer’s life. You come to a website or e-shop. Honestly, who will do the first thing to sign in to their account? Certainly not me. First I look at the products and only when I decide to buy or save to favorites, I deal with the login. Normal customer practice, but a big thorn at the seller’s heel, as your “anonymous” activities, can’t match your account. This is a thing of the past thanks to the new standard integration with Google Analytics 360. The system will track the “anonymous” steps of the customer on your site and will assign those steps to their profile when they sign in to their account. Your information about the possible desires and interests of the customer will be even richer.

What’s New in SAP Marketing Cloud 2002 2


New Content Studio

We have seen SAP Marketing Cloud bring a new, more flexible, intuitive, and modern studio to create campaign content. So the marketer no longer needs to have a basic knowledge of HTML coding to change the block color or layout in the proposed email. Everything can be added, edited, or removed by clicking or Drag & Drop function. While SAP developers have only come with a basic version that does not include all of its predecessor’s conveniences, they promised to add everything and add a few new features in the next releases. And I personally am really looking forward to what level this useful application will take.

What’s New in SAP Marketing Cloud 2002 3


Keep colleagues informed about your running campaigns

In the campaign creation process, a new Email Seed List functionality has been added to which you can add your colleagues’ email addresses. This will then send a copy of the email that customers receive as the campaign starts. Thanks to this you will be able to show off to your colleagues your great work but also to prove to your manager that you deserve to increase your salary for your skill 😊

What’s New in SAP Marketing Cloud 2002 4


Other news worth mentioning:

  • Adding a new marketing calendar with new functionality and flexibility for the user (e.g. displaying and editing the primary and secondary calendars simultaneously)
  • Landing Page enhancements: 
    • Dependence between the selected country and region you entered when filling out the form by the customer
    • Ability to add objects of interest to the customer form
    • Possibility of more complicated graphic design elements using custom CSS code
    • Ability to identify an existing customer and personalize the appearance of Landing Page

2020 has hardly begun, and SAP has come up with a number of useful enhancements that will not only make it easier for users to work, but also improve your customer relationship.

If you are interested in these innovations and would like to learn more about SAP Marketing Cloud, Anodius provides world-class certified services and consulting in all areas of SAP Customer Experience. Because Experience Matters.

Filip Žarnovický, CX Consultant