24. January 2020

Goodbye Sales Inefficiency, Welcome Sales Automation

Beginning of the year. New business goals and a new business plan. You finally have the opportunity to act. Finally, you can give a GOODBYE to wasted business cases, unresolved claims and lost leaders, unnecessary and ineffective activities, as well as an endless search for relevant and correct data. With pleasure/relief/enthusiasm WELCOME sales automation processes, 360° view of the company and all important information in one place. Because the time available you have for your business is limited. Because time is the most important source of any businessman.

Goodbye Sales Inefficiency, Welcome Sales Automation 1

When you look back at the last year you realize with horror that many things you wanted to improve in the company (yes admit, you still have the motivation and drive to improve things) have not been realized. It does not matter whether the reason was too much ambition in a number of goals, incorrect timing, lack of resources, poor management support, or simply there was no time to solve everyday problems.

It was very similar to each previous year. Throughout the year, you were challenged by various small and major improvements to your work system, information retrieval, and registration, business case resolution, etc. Things that could save you and your colleagues time. And of course, in the end, they should have been directed towards achieving the company’s business objectives as quickly as possible. However, the end of the year, as always, ended with disappointment that very little had been changed.

What else could you do this year to make the small but very substantial improvements in the Sales Department actually happen? What if your ideas and wishes were simply turned into clear requirements:

  1. I want to have complete customer information available anytime and anywhere and I don’t want to use different information systems.
  2. I want other departments to work with the same information so I don’t have to explain why it is important to know who it is and how important it is to the business in every customer communication. On the other hand, I want everyone to have access to the information they need to best serve their customers.
  3. I want to have an overview of what stage of the process the individual orders are in.
  4. I want communication in the company to be dealt with effectively and relevantly with respect to a specific problem or a business case, I do not want to be nonsensically spammed by my colleagues.
  5. I want a company to have a way to acquire new customers even with seemingly unrelated connections to the business (customer questions and responses from the web or email, complaints, etc.)
  6. I want to see customer information and all other information related to them in a form and structure that suits me, but I want my colleagues to have this option without additional cost and time-consuming solutions.
  7. I want to know which business or marketing tools contributed to a successful business.
  8. I want the adjustment requirements in the system to be made more flexible and simpler.
  9. I want to spend less time devising and filling tables.
  10. I want most of these things to be automated to reduce wasting time and human factor failure, and to have all these requirements lead to a positive customer experience.

Goodbye Sales Inefficiency, Welcome Sales Automation 2

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Martina Romanová, CRM consultant