9. January 2020

5 New Year’s Resolutions to Boost Sales

You have undoubtedly heard sentences beginning with “But from the New Year…” recently a lot, including you, saying so. Maybe it is just procrastination, or you mean it. However, the New Year comes with an opportunity to start with a “clean shield” or to set goals for an upcoming period to improve yourself. Sales Manager and their Sellers are not an exception.

5 New Year’s Resolutions to Boost Sales 1


No matter 2019 was a good or a bad one for me in terms of sales, the most important is that I am ready to act. New Year’s resolutions may help to kick sales performance of my team off, and here are my five (5):

1. I will be customer-oriented

5 New Year’s Resolutions to Boost Sales 2

I won´t even start a business without a clear Customer Experience strategy.  In any contact with a customer, I will focus on the total customer journey, and I will try to understand what offer does my customer expects in what part of his customer journey. Even I am primarily a businessman, I am an essential part of positive customer experience creation. Therefore, when I understand their needs and requirements with the necessary dose of analysis and customer empathy, I will be able to prepare a value offer to sell more. And that is my point after all.

2. I will use my time fully

5 New Year’s Resolutions to Boost Sales 3

Time is the most important source of any businessman. That´s why I won´t waste it on non-quality leads and communication with incompetent people. When choosing my points for conversion to deal, I will consider financial potential, whether I have access to decision-makers and whether I can create a value-added offer to speed up customer decision-making. I will create a system of leads prioritization, and I will focus only on prospective ones.

Another area where I can lose precious hours is traveling. I can´t avoid that so that I will think cleverly and strategically. I plan meetings with my customers so that I spend as little time as possible by unproductive traveling and will use the time gaps between sessions more efficiently.

3. I will build a team of first-class players

I will start evaluating my team’s talent. I will also identify my top Sellers through analysis and reports. I will continue to motivate them and assign them the best customers. Thanks to A-players, I can identify shortcomings in those worse ones and can coach them through development plans. Thanks to continuous monitoring, I can detect weak business team members in time and can repair or replace them.

4. I will strengthen cooperation with other departments

5 New Year’s Resolutions to Boost Sales 4

In one organization, everyone should pull together. Business results are then better. Therefore I will start to cooperate more with other departments. The Customer Service Department has essential information about the issues and needs of existing customers. Why not use it for cross-selling or upselling. A few companies use customer services as a source of leads, but I am happy to use them. I will send useful information about the customers to the Marketing Department, thanks to which they will send me more quality leads. Good quality leads to mean better conversion, which means higher sales.

5. I will invite a useful assistant to fulfill my resolutions

5 New Year’s Resolutions to Boost Sales 5

I will start 2020 at full speed indeed. I will share the resolutions with my team. I will plan milestones during the year so that I can track progress. Useful assistant SAP Sales Cloud – will help me to fulfill all those resolutions. Among other things, it allows me to generate and customize an on-site offer to customers, plan meeting routes, track my team’s performance, or create new leads through integration with other systems. I believe that with SAP Sales Cloud, the 2020 business year will be significantly better.

Dominik Filip, CX Consultant