10. January 2020

7 New Year’s Resolutions of a Modern Marketer

One year has already ended, and we have a new one. For some, it means a few mistakes before having to realize that there is 20 instead of 19 at the end of a date. However, it is an opportunity for those not suffering from procrastination, to begin with, a “clean shield” and set a new bunch of resolutions to move the marketing planning of their company to the next level.

7 New Year's Resolutions of a Modern Marketer

1. I will organize my data on customers.

Obtaining data on your customer is one thing, but I can hardly use it if it is scattered within multiple Excel sheets, files, and databases. I will, therefore, organize my sources so that I end up having all data in one place. Having my data well organized I can get a better overview of customers, thus showing them that I care about them. The more data on my customer I use, the better (meaning more customized) offer I can prepare.

I will strengthen cooperation with the Sales Department

I will start to cooperate with other departments more. In particular with the Sales Department. If they send me more precise specifications and information on what customers need, I can make my marketing activities more accurate. As a result, I will provide them with more quality leaders for even better conversion. We are all one team, though.

3. I will create a marketing plan and will stick to it.

I will start setting partial measurable goals and plan activities to achieve them. If I am permanently looking at the plan with interim results, I won´t fall off track. And if the provisional results are not satisfying, I can instantly act and improve my strategy.

4. No more spam

I hate being spammed with meaningless and irrelevant advertisements. I will stop doing the same by myself. I will start to customize every single marketing activity as much as possible, so none of my customers will ever say: “Oh no, spam, again.”

5. I will spend more time doing things I enjoy

An opinion that computers steal our jobs is detrimental. Computers are here to help us, and I’ll get the most out of their help. All routine work that can be automated will be left to machines. And I? I will focus on what I enjoy and why I love this job – on creative activities and content creation.

6. I will lower costs, increase profit

Money does not grow on a tree, so I stop throwing it into the air. I will scrutiny the business benefits of every single marketing activity. I will stop unnecessary investments, of which I have no or minimal gain. I´d instead start investing in solutions that are of greater sense for me and help me obtain a real competitive advantage. And last but not least, they will bring more quality leads, which the store is impatiently expecting.

7. I will invite a useful assistant to fulfill my resolutions

No more two-week lasting resolutions and then only excuses why it can´t be done. I will fulfill all of them to a tee. It won´t be easy, but I have my new assistant, SAP Marketing Cloud, to help me out. It will help me to manage every single resolution easily. And when I fulfill them, I will set another one, even more motivating. This SAP solution will support me, and I can fully use my potential as a modern marketer.

Filip Žarnovický, CX Consultant