17. January 2020

Experience Management and Qualtrics

Do you know the difference between the most successful and less successful companies? The most successful companies do not wait until problems arise. They try to anticipate and mitigate their impact before they even occur. Perhaps you are wondering how we can predict problems before they even arise? No one can see the future. We are not claiming to see exactly what will happen in the future.  But with Experience Management (XM), we are able to monitor every single experience of people with your company and then we are able to predict their future behaviour while finding the most opportunities to improve that experience. This information about your customer experience with your company is called Experience Data (X-Data).



Why is Experience Management important?


Because people spend a substantial part of their lives collecting various experiences in interacting with companies. Whether they are years spent working for them or the significant amounts of money they spend on the products and services of the companies. In the case of real satisfaction of the needs of customers and/or employees, there is an overwhelming difference (Experience Gap) between what companies think, how they manage to satisfy them, and what they really are.

Experience Management and Qualtrics 1


A unique platform for Experience Management


Qualtrics is the world’s first XM cloud platform that allows teams to dynamically gather X-data in real-time and then analyze it together with operational data (O-data) that is drawn from existing business systems such as CRM, ERP, etc. Advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning help to reveal deep knowledge and create links between customer, employee, product, and brand experience. This knowledge is crucial in creating and improving Experience Management.


How does Qualtrics work?


  1. It collects feedback from customers, employees, suppliers, partners, or other stakeholders through the channels they prefer.
  2. Using advanced text and voice analysis, it automatically reveals hidden information deeply rooted in customer feedback.
  3. With powerful artificial intelligence and machine learning, it generates recommended activities and then automatically directs them to the right people to turn those recommendations into reality in the company.

Experience Management and Qualtrics 2


For decades, companies have only worked with their O-data, such as sales or costs, to develop their business strategy. However, this O-data will tell you what happened, but they will not tell you why. Answers to all questions starting with WHY will find Qualtrics, which allows you to combine X-data + O-data. Only this combination provides an overall, realistic view of people’s experience with your company.

If you are interested in Qualtrics and Experience Management, do not hesitate to contact us and learn more from Anodius certified specialists and consultants, because experience matters.

Robert Hassel, CX Consultant