12. October 2016

Develop Lasting Customer Relationships (SAP CRM)

Understand, engage, and delight customers across every channel – with on-premise customer relationship management (CRM) software by SAP. This secure and feature-rich deployment option supports all your sales, service, and marketing activities. It can help you build customer loyalty, win more deals, and provide customers with the assistance they need when they need it.


Because it puts customers at the heart of your business. The on-premise software provides employees with rich customer insights and seamless CRM processes – so they can deliver consistent and personalized customer experiences across all touchpoints. With SAP CRM, you can:

  • Sell more through digital channels using the industry’s top-ranked commerce platform
  • Engage customers anytime, anywhere, and on any device from a single end-to-end platform
  • Stay a step ahead of demand by using SAP HANA to analyze data in real-time
  • Get your sales team up to speed – without slowing down – using a simple UI that meets their needs
  • Deliver exceptional customer service by giving field workers remote, real-time access to data
  • Leverage best-in-class solutions based on global expertise in 25 industries

Sales Capabilities
Support the entire sales lifecycle – from planning and forecasting to sales performance management. They can empower your salespeople across all selling channels – anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Because to gain an edge, you need to provide your sales team with real-time insights into customer needs and preferences, purchase history, and product trends and pricing. With the sales capabilities in SAP CRM, you can:

  • Deliver consistent quotes, orders, contracts, and pricing across all channels using a single CRM and sales platform
  • Integrate seamlessly with your existing SAP software to improve user adoption, cut costs, and simplify processes
  • Access real-time, contextual information throughout the sales pipeline — and act faster

    Develop Lasting Customer Relationships 1

Provide marketers with a single, unified platform for managing all of their marketing activities – including brand management, segment and list management, and campaign management.

Because in today’s customer-centric world, you need to differentiate your company – and deliver the right products and offers better and faster than the competition. With marketing capabilities in SAP CRM, you can:

  • Manage all relevant activities in a single, unified marketing CRM platform
  • Control and get full visibility into your end-to-end marketing processes
  • Integrate marketing functions with execution channels to run more effective campaigns

Develop Lasting Customer Relationships 2

Service Capabilities
Empower employees to deliver effortless omnichannel customer service. They also provide business process support for service sales and marketing, service contracts and agreements, and installations and maintenance.

Because to meet and exceed high customer expectations, you need to deliver personalized, multi-channel service better than the competition. With the service capabilities in SAP CRM, you can:

  • Integrate service management and execution processes – and gain front-end visibility into back-end operations
  • Deliver complete and consistent service operations across all contact channels – from the call center to the Web
  • Uncover valuable business insights with powerful analytics and integration with SAP BusinessObjects software

Develop Lasting Customer Relationships 3

Customer Interaction Capabilities
Equip customer service agents and managers with real-time analytics and tools – so they can deliver fast and accurate service, support marketing activities, and drive sales.

Because to earn the business of today’s empowered customers, you need to leverage all available channels and processes – and provide differentiated customer service. With the interaction center capabilities in SAP CRM, you can:

  • Manage customer service interactions – tech questions, complaints, entitlements, and field service – in an integrated platform
  • Integrate with a variety of multi-channel communications solutions to help contact centers boost customer satisfaction
  • Leverage advanced analytics to help managers track operations, identify trends, and quickly spot and respond to problems

Get essential CRM functionality – quickly and affordably

The SAP CRM rapid-deployment
solution brings together software and services to give you essential marketing, sales, and service functionality, powered by superior loading and reporting performance and real-time data access through the in-memory technology of SAP HANA.

  • Fast, simple, and smooth automation of CRM processes
  • Flexible choice of functionalities based on the building-block concept
  • Further enhancement and upgrading are possible at any time
  • Reduced implementation costs and realization time
  • Fixed-price model and preconfigured processes
  • No database indices required

Experts will advise you

Anodius is an official SAP partner.  We have a team of professionals ready to advise you with the design, implementation, and training of the users of the SAP, SAP CRM, and SAP C4C solution.

Stanislav Micheller, Partner – Delivery Services