12. September 2016

Engage Your Customers on Social Media

Build and protect your brand’s reputation with cloud-based tools for social media engagement and monitoring.

Why SAP Hybris Cloud for Social Engagement?

Because customers share their experience with your brand, products, and services more frequently on the web or social networks and you don’t want to miss an opportunity to engage them.  This cloud software provides powerful tools for social media monitoring, analytics, and engagement – so you can drive loyalty wherever your customers like to hang out.

  • Handle huge volumes of messages with intelligent routing, prioritization, and built-in social collaboration
  • Conquer volumes of data and respond quickly by focusing on the most important conversations first
  • Get the complete picture before you respond with an online social profile enriched with your CRM data
Watch demo SAP Hybris Cloud for Social Engagement

Learn About Core Capabilities of SAP Hybris Cloud for Social Engagement

Social Media Monitoring – use powerful social media monitoring tools to identify messages with the right sentiment, product mention, and importance to break through the social media noise.

  • Get a prioritized list of important messages
  • Detect sentiment and keywords
  • Understand brand-level trends and buzz

Real-Time Facebook and Twitter Message Response – prioritize, route, and view messages from multiple Twitter and Facebook channels – and craft quick and appropriate responses using an integrated knowledgebase and brand-approved templates.

  • Quickly and easily route, assign, and escalate the messages you receive
  • Organize all messages by tagging them – and flag your favorites
  • Collaborate with team members to improve the quality of your responses
  • Respond rapidly with access to an integrated social knowledgebase
  • Use approved templates to deliver brand-consistent responses

Complete Social Profile and History – gain a better, more complete understanding of your customers by combining social and CRM data into a single view.

  • Capture a complete history of your customers’ social interactions
  • View customers’ public profiles and a timeline of their messages on social media
  • Determine how much influence customers’ messages carry

Social Media Analytics – leverage social media analytics and dashboards to get real-time insight into key trends and topics being discussed by your customers.

  • Use embedded charts and social media dashboards to uncover critical information
  • Measure your team’s performance and impact with built-in KPIs
  • Explore messages and audience profiles by applying tag clouds

Implementation Experience – simulate your SAP Hybris Cloud for Social Engagement implementation – so you know what to expect. This service provides registrants with guided procedures, a dedicated SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer system, and the necessary materials to simulate the implementation of SAP Hybris Cloud for Social Engagement.

  • The SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer system is provided for two weeks
  • The experience is self-paced, and the simulation is estimated to take two days

SAP Hybris Cloud solutions are the best-known solutions in the market today to provide omnichannel customer engagement. According to recent research, over the next few years, more than 90% of marketers will be focusing on improving customer experience through contextual experiences.

Experts will advise you

Anodius is an official certified partner of the SAP Hybris. We have a team of professionals ready to advise you with the design, implementation, and training of the users of the SAP C4C solution.

Matej Belák, Sr. SAP Consultant