27. January 2022

How We Helped GLOBSEC

Why was the Salesforce solution chosen?

In order to better plan our future activities, we needed to automate some processes, such as planning, administration, and archiving of individual projects. We organize a number of events every year. In order to have an overview of activity levels as well as visitor data, we needed our own dashboards – to be able to filter visitors by gender, occupation, sector, or expertise, broken down by the time period they attended our events. The Salesforce platform met all requirements while guaranteeing the use of best practices and procedures. – Miroslav Sol├ír, Vice-President

Thanks to careful setup, the following main processes have been covered: Sales Cloud implementation; AVENTRI integration; Customer 360; Event management; HR management; Project management.

What were the benefits?

Anodius was very helpful and the cooperation was smooth and professional – always with great attention to detail and our business needs. The consultants communicated with me regularly and were very helpful helpful with any questions or requests. They know what they are doing and I could count on them at any time. – Adam Horeh├íj, Project Manager

Improved employee satisfaction metrics by 13% (NPS), thanks to a functional system; Increased the value of partnerships (fundraising mapping) by 30%; Increase the number of partners by 18%; Process acceleration by 30%.

GLOBSEC is an independent, non-partisan, non-governmental organization that builds on the successful work of the Slovak Atlantic Commission (since 1993). Its main goal is to shape the global debate by conducting research activities and bringing together key foreign and security policy experts.