It is a type of customer experience management platform that is built to collect customer feedback

It utilizes a predictive intelligence engine referred to as IQ to extract deep insights, predicting the key drivers of the customer experience of your company.

Do you know what the best thing about Qualtrics is? The platform allows you to collect data about your customers via pulse surveys and transactional surveys, among others. It features a Net Promoter Score, which is considered the most typical experience metric where respondents offer you a rating according to particular factors. That gets your hands on actionable data and optimizes your customer experience measurement.

Do you want a tool that can leverage customer loyalty and retention while optimizing customer acquisition? Don’t worry because Qualtrics got you covered! You can easily integrate customer feedback into your own strategies by streamlining the way your company track, react and improve each vital aspect of the customer journey. What’s more, it also allows you to take a pulse on user expectations and reactions promptly.

Key Features

Advanced research, analytics and centralized platform along with a view of each of your channel

An intuitive custom dashboard that offers the overview of your most important metrics

Respondent management automation

Structured ticketing program

Technology-supported workflows and more

Get All You Need in Monitoring and Measuring Customer Experience

Qualtrics customer experience is no doubt a forceful and unique tool offering you with all the vital features you need when it comes to calculating and tracking the experience of your customers. Make service the heart of your customer exprience.

Ticketing Management

Easily flag particular customer responses to determine which ones you must arrange. They could be categorized in pyramids to make sure they are followed up quickly.

Advanced Research and Analytics

Increased ability to react to organizational and market requirements helps company transition to the cloud in a secure and compliant manner

Visibility to Key Metrics

Receive excellent visibility over your metric to help you know the effect of any action and identify the key drivers of your CX.

A Unified View of Channels

Begin discussions with your customers on the platform they are utilizing and collect the feedback effortlessly. You could easily access the data with a single platform, whether through a call center, social media, website, SMS, or email.

Targeted CX Solution

The vendor’s expert utilized industry-centric data along with effective ROI to create a structured program. That paves the way for the platform to collect pre-loaded projects, action plans, tech-powered workflows, industry-customized dashboards, and analysis tools.

Personalized, Role-Based Dashboards

Get highly personalized dashboards to optimize your map customer responses and see your critical metrics. These dashboards are role-based, meaning it allows managers to view and access information within their levels and influence scope.

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