5. October 2023

Salesforce Dreamforce 2023: A Glimpse into the Future of AI, Data, and Customer Trust

The annual Salesforce Dreamforce event, held in September 2023 at San Francisco’s prestigious Moscone Center, sent shockwaves through the tech world with its stunning array of announcements and highlights that revolved around the cutting-edge realms of artificial intelligence (AI), seamless data integration, customer relationship management (CRM), and the pivotal issue of fostering trust in AI technologies. Billed as “the largest AI + Data event of the year,” Dreamforce 2023 lived up to its lofty moniker, attracting over 40,000 attendees in person while drawing in millions more through its online channels. Salesforce’s Founder, Chairman, and CEO, Marc Benioff, succinctly encapsulated the event’s core themes, which centered on “Innovation with AI, Trust with AI, and Doing Good with AI.”

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Einstein 1 Platform: The Epitome of Trustworthy AI

At the very heart of Dreamforce 2023 lay the much-anticipated unveiling of the Einstein 1 Platform, Salesforce’s audacious leap into the arena of trusted AI platforms. In an age where AI dominates conversations within the tech industry, Salesforce’s approach prioritizes the principles of trustworthiness and security. Marc Benioff emphasized the urgency of addressing the prevailing skepticism surrounding AI, with a significant 52% of customers expressing concerns about its safety and security. The Einstein 1 Platform aspires to reshape this perception.

This comprehensive, automated, and user-friendly platform offers a secure environment for seamless data connectivity, emphatically underscoring Salesforce’s unwavering commitment to building dependable AI applications. A standout feature of the Einstein 1 Platform is the introduction of Einstein Copilot, an AI-driven conversational assistant seamlessly integrated as a built-in side panel within the user interface. It empowers both internal and external users (via Experience Cloud portals) to interact with AI using natural language, mirroring human conversation.

However, Einstein Copilot transcends the conventional chatbot paradigm by providing actionable recommendations in the form of multi-step action plans. Users retain the ability to select or deselect follow-up actions, thus amplifying productivity and refining decision-making processes.

Empowering Admins with Copilot Studio

Salesforce has ensured that administrators and Salesforce professionals remain pivotal actors in the unfolding AI revolution. Einstein Copilot Studio furnishes them with a formidable toolkit to harness generative AI effectively while maintaining a firm grip on its implementation. This studio comprises three essential components:

Prompt Builder: Administrators can effortlessly craft, test, and deploy generative AI prompts. Whether it involves generating automated suggestions for sales teams during customer interactions or simplifying intricate processes, Prompt Builder streamlines these tasks.

Skills Builder: Administrators possess the power to selectively grant skills, allowing them to define who wields generative AI for specific tasks. This high degree of customization ensures that AI aligns seamlessly with each user’s role.

Model Builder: The flexibility to select from an array of AI models, encompassing Salesforce’s proprietary large language models and preferred partner models, guarantees versatility and precision in the application of AI.

Free Data Cloud and Tableau Licenses for Salesforce Customers

In a bold move, Salesforce extended the offering of free Data Cloud and Tableau licenses to customers deploying Sales and Service Cloud, Enterprise, or Unlimited editions. This strategic decision opens doors for businesses to explore the full potential of these potent Salesforce products without an initial financial commitment. The package includes two complimentary Tableau Creator licenses and Data Cloud licenses covering up to 10,000 profiles, providing a fertile ground for data-driven decision-making.

Deep Integration: Marketing Cloud and Commerce Cloud (“More Core”)

Salesforce’s well-planned acquisitions, which include Marketing Cloud (formerly ExactTarget) and Commerce Cloud (formerly Demandware), have now been seamlessly integrated into the bedrock of the Salesforce platform. These integrations, supercharged with generative AI capabilities, are poised to revolutionize marketing and commerce operations. A roadmap that outlines 26 generative AI capabilities, with over 25 additional features slated for release by the end of 2024, promises a paradigm shift in how businesses engage with their clientele.

Data Cloud-Triggered Flow: Real-time Automation

Automation has long stood as a cornerstone of Salesforce’s offerings. With the introduction of Data Cloud into the Einstein 1 platform, automation reached unprecedented heights. Data Cloud supplies real-time data and insights from a multitude of systems. Automated Flows can now be triggered based on conditions tied to Data Cloud data model objects (DMOs) or calculated insight objects (CIOs). This innovation ensures that processes launch precisely when pertinent Data Cloud conditions are met, guaranteeing that automation remains powered by the most up-to-date information.

Revolutionizing Collaboration with Slack Innovations

The collaboration between Salesforce and Slack bore fruit at Dreamforce 2023. The unveiling of Slack AI brought forth features designed to metamorphose how teams collaborate. It possesses the ability to summarize extensive message threads, deliver recaps of missed discussions within channels, and even search for specific information within conversations. These innovative features serve to heighten productivity and streamline communication, marking a significant milestone in the evolution of workplace collaboration tools.

Data Graphs: Illuminating Data Relationships

For those engaged in crafting AI prompts or assigning skills, ensuring that Einstein AI has access to the correct data is paramount. Data Graphs, integrated seamlessly into Data Cloud, furnish a visual representation of data interconnections. Both administrators and users can gain insight into the relationships between different data model objects (DMOs), even spanning multiple layers of data. This visualization simplifies the task of ensuring that AI applications possess the requisite data for delivering precise responses.

Salesforce’s AI Impact: Job Creation and Revenue Growth

Salesforce’s commitment to AI extends beyond its product suite. An IDC report forecasts monumental impacts: a projected net gain of $2.02 trillion in revenue from 2022 to 2028, alongside the potential creation of 18 million jobs on a global scale within the same timeframe. Salesforce’s AI initiatives stand as transformative forces that not only reshape industries but also contribute significantly to the global economy.

Ethical AI: Salesforce’s Tenets of Trust and Responsibility

Trust and ethical considerations stand at the very core of Salesforce’s AI strategy. Salesforce is a staunch advocate for responsible AI development and has laid down a set of guiding tenets that steer its innovations. These tenets emphasize the paramount importance of maintaining trust between Salesforce and its customers, coupled with an unwavering commitment to ethical and humane AI practices.

Sustainability in Action: Dreamforce Goes Green

Salesforce’s commitment to sustainability extends to its flagship event. Dreamforce 2023 proudly claimed the title of being the most sustainable edition to date. Salesforce introduced the Net Zero Cloud to support its sustainability objectives, thereby setting a commendable example for eco-conscious event planning.

Expanding Industry Clouds: The Advent of the Life Sciences Cloud

Salesforce Industries welcomed a new addition: the Life Sciences Cloud. This industry-specific cloud offers a tailor-made architecture designed to expedite the digital transformation of pharmaceutical and medical device companies. It streamlines operations, fuels innovation, and ultimately enhances patient care.

In conclusion, Dreamforce 2023 served as a powerful showcase of Salesforce’s unwavering commitment to AI, seamless data integration, trust-building in technology, and the ethical use of AI. The event marked a significant stride in the ongoing AI revolution, underscoring the critical importance of responsible AI, collaboration, and sustainability. With groundbreaking innovations, Salesforce continues to be at the forefront of shaping the future of technology and business.

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Lukáš Endal, Partner Salesforce Services