3. October 2023

Project Management Software Proxiuss Project+

In the fast-paced world of professional services and consulting, managing projects effectively is crucial for success. Our team faced a critical challenge. We needed a precise time-tracking app tailored for our SAP and Salesforce consultants, but the search for the right fit proved challenging. We wanted features like a resource planner with clear rates per consultant and automated generation of acceptance protocols, yet we couldn’t find a solution.

Undeterred, we decided to create our own project management software, starting with a basic version to fit our needs. But as we went into development, we realized our app had immense potential in the wider market. So, we expanded its scope, making it robust and enhancing its project management features to ensure it’s incredibly versatile.

project management software

The Heart of Project Management

Project management is all about planning, doing, and overseeing projects in a smart and effective way. It involves using what we know, our skills, the right tools, and clever techniques to meet project requirements while handling limitations like time, cost, quality, scope, and stakeholder expectations.

The essential parts of project management include:

1. Budget Control
Keeping tabs on your budget is a big part of managing a project, especially for companies like ours. You estimate how much a project will cost, make a budget, track actual spending, and ensure it matches the plan you made. 

Proxiuss Project+, a project management software, makes budget management easy within Salesforce. It helps project managers set, track, and manage project budgets in real-time, so we can make smart decisions to keep our projects on a financial track.

2. Agile/Waterfall Project Management
There are different ways to manage a project. Agile is about being flexible and progressing in stages, great for projects where things might change as we go. The waterfall is more step-by-step and linear, good for projects where everything is clear from the start. 

Proxiuss Project+ supports both Agile and Waterfall project management styles. It gives us options to choose what works best for a particular project, making sure we do it right.

3. Time Tracking
Keeping a close eye on how much time we spend on different tasks is super important for us. It helps us see where our time goes and how we can manage our resources better. 

Proxiuss Project+ lets us easily track our time in Salesforce, so we can log how long we work on each project task. This way, we know exactly how much time we spend, which helps us be more transparent and accurate in our work.

4. Resource Planner
Planning and organizing our team’s time effectively is a big deal. We need to make sure everyone is working on the right things at the right times to get the job done, and that they have a good work-life balance too.

Proxiuss Project+ has a resource planner feature that helps us plan and allocate our team’s time efficiently. It considers their skills when they’re available, and what the project needs. It’s a great tool to keep our team organized and productive while also ensuring they have a good work-life balance.

Meeting Unique Needs in Professional Services and Consulting

Professional services and consulting companies have specific needs when it comes to project management. This includes optimizing how we use our team and accurately tracking the hours we can bill our clients. Proxiuss Project+ tackles these needs in a way that makes sense for us:

1. Optimizing Resource Allocation
Making sure we use our team’s time wisely is crucial for us. Proxiuss Project+ helps us do this by efficiently assigning team members to projects based on their skills, availability, and what the project requires. This way, we get the best out of our team and deliver great results.

2. Accurate Billable Hours Tracking
Making sure we bill our clients accurately for the time we spend on their projects is essential. Proxiuss Project+ simplifies this by allowing our team to record their hours spent on different project tasks. This data helps us create precise invoices, maintaining transparency and fairness in our billing practices.

In Conclusion

In the world of professional services and consulting, managing projects efficiently is key to success. Proxiuss Project+, born from Anodius’ need for a precise time-tracking app, has transformed into a robust project management software. This Salesforce-native app streamlines project workflows keeps budgets in check, supports various project management styles, helps us track time accurately, and ensures our team’s time is used wisely. For companies in these sectors, investing in an integrated project management tool like Proxiuss Project+ can significantly enhance efficiency, control, and client satisfaction, ultimately contributing to sustained growth and success.

Is this use case similar to your needs? Proxiuss Project+ is now available for every Salesforce user.

Jakub Ancin,