10. November 2022

Salesforce Genie

As a new technology announced by Salesforce, Salesforce Genie is at the heart of Salesforce Customer 360, a scalable, real-time data platform. Salesforce Genie is responsible for delivering solutions and personalized experiences that are tailored to customers across Salesforce clouds. With business operations spread across multiple applications and processes that collect customer data, the Salesforce Genie platform is capable of storing data at a massive scale. In addition to making it easier to integrate data from different channels, Salesforce Genie includes built-in connectors.

What makes Salesforce Genie special? Delivering customer experience – in real-time.

  • Minimal delays in dealing with customer requests and requests.
  • Gathering input from websites, advertising, IoT, and other sources, essentially bringing the digital and physical worlds together.
  • Data is collected from various data sources and can be used for any action, interaction, or insight across products (sales, service, marketing, Tableau, and more). Salesforce Genie reaches across the entire Salesforce platform (Customer 360).

Salesforce Genie unifies data for use across all Customer 360 products. Use cases may vary depending on internal needs, some examples are listed below.

Sales Cloud Genie

The sales department has the ability to view the full customer context, which includes key details, the next best steps, the best time to contact, and engagement information. Real-time data is updated from multiple sources and displayed on one screen. That’s the benefit of connecting Salesforce Genie to the sales console.

There are two additional features within Sales Cloud Genie, Sales Cloud Enablement and Einstein Bots for Sales.

  • Sales Cloud Enablement

“Improve voice and video conversations with real-time guidance.”

Data-driven coaching for sales managers to help improve critical skills. Enablement automatically recommends training programs as you work and tracks milestones achieved, helping salespeople improve quickly.

  • Einstein Bots for Sales

“Make every rep more productive with bots.”

Chatbots can help customers who like to serve themselves and deflect questions by sharing answers to frequently asked questions or completing tasks on behalf of a sales representative. Einstein Bots are no longer just for the service team.

After receiving a message via the chat window, the sales representative has the full context of the customer.

Service Cloud Genie

Agents can provide proactive services through real-time alerts, troubleshooting, and intervention. Thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT), basic signals (such as a blinking light in a car) can be responded to automatically (think scheduled inspections), pioneered by Ford and Kia.

Genie of other products

  • Marketing Cloud Genie – Marketing can send personalized messages across channels that adjust in real-time to customer activity (websites, mobile apps, advertising, and more).
  • Commerce Cloud Genie – Retail is able to create tailored shopping experiences that reflect customer behavior in real-time. This may include abandoned shopping carts or actions on the website or mobile app.
  • Tableau Genie – you are able to track KPIs in real-time and report on measures across the business, including spikes in sales, service, or marketing activity.
  • MuleSoft Genie – the ability to unlock real-time data on any modern or legacy system.
  • Slack Genie – intelligent workflows can enable teams to automatically view real-time data from any channel.

Vojtech Landa, CRM Consultant