8. April 2020

Salesforce: Social studio

Social networks today form an inseparable part of the online life of the vast majority of people and you will find few who do not use at least one of the social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, Pinterest, and many more.

With daily user activity on these networks, it is, therefore, possible to look into the behavior of individuals and use this data to see what is the position of your brand compared to the other or how is it perceived, based on reviews, posts, and hashtags that are everywhere across social networks.

Salesforce social studio 1


Typically, everyone thinks of an established social networking site, but you can get brand awareness almost anywhere, for example:

  • Facebook and Twitter
  • YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, and other social networks
  • Product review pages
  • Comments under articles

From all these sources, we can gain a sense of perception of our brand (sentiment analysis), how often we are spoken about, and also the level of interaction with your posts.

Salesforce social studio 2


You can find sharing options and overall views in the calendar:

Salesforce social studio 3


For individual social networks you may be interested in e.g. :

  • Facebook – message Facebook Ad account
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn – you can include videos to your business posts
  • Instagram – adding and planning to publish IG stories
  • Google My Business –  you can manage and analyze reviews right in Social Studio

The resulting reports are displayed as graphs.

Salesforce social studio 4


Social Studio thus provides comprehensive interaction management and analysis of all social networks and the use of the studio is very intuitive and user-friendly. That is why it is here for you Anodius.

Lukáš Endal, Partner – Salesforce Services