From Instant Client Feedback To Business Improvement

Did you know that personal experience with your field service has the greatest impact on the total CX?

Gaining a new customer is 7-8x more expensive than keeping the current one.

Happy clients have great potential for further cross-selling and up-sell.

Negative experiences with your service spread out twice as fast as positive ones.


How Does It Work?

Your client receives the request to give feedback immediately after service – you will catch the actual emotions.

Surveys are personalized – you can choose up to 10 customer and 20 service attributes.

The positive feedback goes immediately to the technician – instant appreciation is motivating.

The negative feedback only goes immediately to the manager so that he can discuss it with the technician and solve the issue with the client.


Collected Data Can Show

Development of performance of individual technicians in time – managers can reward or prevent the burn-out.

Comparison of performance of teams across departments or countries.

First-hand information about competitors.

Consumer insight – what to improve to make the relationship perfect.

…and much more.


Why This Solution?

Instant feedback

Collect instant feedback from your clients and solve the troubles immediately.


Keep an eye on your field staff, motivate them and identify the weak points.


Have all important data in one place and boost your business performance.

Product Demo

What is Included

  • Building the structure of your organization (teams, venues, managers and shifts) in the Staffino App. Setting up specific permissions for the users.
  • Building the questionnaires, email/sms templates and setting up the logic behind sending the questionnaires or asking the spontaneous feedback.
  • Set of essential settings required for the launch together with testing rounds with key stakeholders and feedback implementation.
  • Set of essential settings connected to the data evaluation and custom features required.
  • Analysis meeting with the customer + target concept preparation.
  • Migration of business partners to Staffino.
  • Automation of new business partner in FSM will be created in Staffino.
  • End of service by technician will trigger sending of personalized survey to end customer.
  • The FSM system will load completed surveys for the last 3 days.
  • CSAT question (overall approach of technician) will be pushed to FSM feedback. Manager will get email with his recognition.
  • Score 1-3 – Manager will get email and can act on bad feedback.
  • Creation of table report: name of technician, satisfaction with his work for last month/ 3 months/ 6 months.

What is Not Included

  • Product licenses


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