Customer experience has become a key differentiator for companies of all sizes

Staffino is an advanced and easy-to-use Customer Experience tool essential for companies to boost their businesses.

Whether you are a local shop or a big enterprise service provider, our specialized solutions will help you gather and manage customer insights via multiple channels, using various collecting methods and unique CX tools.

Staffino currently helps companies across all business segments in 53 countries to monitor their customer journeys and manage individual customer feedback. These companies strive to provide the best customer experience along with engaging and gamifying their customer-facing staff.

Closed-Loop Feedback Management

Communicate with customers and colleagues in the most efficient & engaging way.

The easy and modern interface allows you or your managers to respond quickly to feedback, so you never leave any customer unhappy. The flexible structure allows clustering of feedback based on levels of access, by region, or by customized unit structure.

Employee Recognition & Motivation

Engage employees with positive feedback, gamified dashboards, and open discussions.

Get happier, more engaged & more motivated employees. Typically, the most undervalued approach to energizing your organization is through your staff. If you decide to collect feedback related to specific interactions with your staff, you can expect 50-80% of feedback to be positive. No matter the time, country, or industry.

Retention Case Monitoring

Save customers before they decide to leave.

Strategically focused feedback campaigns, across your organization and customer journeys, will help you to identify customers that are about to leave. We can identify potential leavers through simple transactional surveys or with specifically targeted NPS metrics. Combining metrics collected with semantic feedback ensures that critical customers are identified for your retention department.

Semantic Engine

Run our Semantic Engine on thousands of feedbacks and identify quick wins.

A typical semantic engine analyzes text based on keywords. Staffino’s implemented engine doesn’t require keywords for its analysis. Our Algorithm will automatically define new topics and can compare them to drivers designated by you. Staffino’s semantic engine is independent of language and industry, and the sentiment is expressed through the opinions of the majority, not by polarity (+, -, neutral).

Personalized CX Dashboards

Create your own dashboards with KPIs relevant to your managers.

Each feedback campaign has a specific set of dashboards that can be accessed on different levels. Once you create the structure of your organization, designated employees and managers will see the dashboards as defined for their daily actions. The business analytics and code structure behind STAFFINO’s dashboards are extremely flexible and can be customized for any specific requirements you may have.


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