How to Restrict Unit of Measure in C4C Project?

In SAP Cloud 4 Customer there are „active“ 40 Unit of Measurement (UoM) by default. If you do not need to use all of them or want to create a new one to define products on your system, the easiest way to do it is via „Quantities and Units of Measure“ Fine-Tuning Activity.

Path: Business Configuration workcenter – Implementation Projects view – highlight the First Implementation project – click on Open Activity List – search for *quantity* – click on Quantities and Units of Measure

There you can create and maintain two types of units – Trading units and Physical UoM

Only UoMs with the Activation Status „Released“ will be shown on the user interface. If you don’t want to use any of UoM released by default, you can simply change their Activation Status to „Blocked“ and Save.

This way you can block all unnecessary trading / physical units and than you would have only needed units in the dropdown list of UoM (for example when creating Products, adding Products to Quotes etc.) instead of default 40, which is much better for end-users of C4C. Only one “by default” released Unit is mandatory and therefore its Activation Status cannot be changed to “Blocked”Hour(s) (HUR).

If you want to create new physical UoM to be shown on the system, first try to find it among „Blocked“ UoM and if you find it, just change the Activation Status to „Released“.
When you create completely new physical UoM, you  must reference another predefined physical UoM:

Initial Activation Status of  new uoM is „In Preparation“ so you have to change it to „Released“.

You can only delete UoMs with the status „In Preparation“