19. January 2022

Benefits and Costs of Modernizing Sales and Service With SAP Sales Cloud and SAP Service Cloud

Sales and service automation is the future of the workforce and business operations. Through the services provided by the SAP management system, you can enter this future now. 

SAP Sales Cloud and SAP Service Cloud are all-in-one systems. This creates the management system and analysis system you need. With this management software, businesses generate an ROI of 372% in just 3 years

For any business looking to move into the future of CRM systems, this ROI is significant. Rather than worry about losing money on a new software system, check out our deep-dive analysis of this system. 

What is SAP Sales Cloud? 

Both the SAP sales and SAP service Cloud operate under the SAP solutions manager. But, both systems perform different functions to help make your business more efficient.

The Sales Cloud is an all-in-one system designed to bring your sales team together. This is not simply a nice-sounding teamwork statement, however. SAP Sales brings all the systems under one cohesive blanket. 

This means every member of your sales team sees and has access to the same data. When dealing with your customers, this provides a seamless and smooth experience. Regardless of who is handling the customer, the sales team can access the data with ease. 

This allows them to know any issues the customer may have experienced in the past. But, this system does much more than just this. 

The system provides automation of operations. This enables your sales force to more easily follow leads and provide better feedback. By knowledgeably chasing leads, you can increase your customer retention. 

With the help of AI guidance, you can maximize how your team communicates. The system creates a user-friendly process. This increases customer interaction. It moves the bookwork and processing off of the sales team. 

By doing so, your team can focus more on the actual service. This increases the service and provides the best experience for the customer. 

What is SAP Service Cloud?

As stated above, the Service Cloud and Sales Cloud operate as a cohesive system. But, the Service Cloud operates as the system the customer interacts with. 

With this system, customers can choose to interact with customer service. Or, they can select a self-service option. This provides the customer with the ability to choose what they want. 

By permitting your customers the freedom to choose you to increase your productivity. You also improve the customer’s experience with the system and your business itself. Customers do not always want to interact with a service representative. 

Rather, customers want to be able to shop and operate independently. And, they want to know that they can get help when and if they need it. This is the great benefit of this system for your sales force. 

Your sales force can use the system to find those customers who need their assistance. And, the customer can use the system to find the products they want. If and when the customer needs help, the service representative has all the data to help.

This optimizes their ability to help when and where it’s most needed!

How Does This Modernize Services? 

Now we are getting to the meat of this service! How can this service update your current system? The simplest way to answer this is to start by explaining a CRM system. 

A CRM system is your customer relationship management system. We will explore how this system improves your customer’s experience below. But, first, we will see how this system alters how you interact with your customers. 

Traditional CRM systems typically entail multiple steps and systems. This system is only connected loosely through the collaboration of your workforce. Most of the time customer data and transaction details are kept in multiple spreadsheets.

These spreadsheets might be explored by executives and leaders of the company. After reviewing the data is used to impact how the company responds to the data. But, in this system, data is easily missed or overlooked. 

This is because the data and the analysis are in separate systems. There is no one cohesive system that brings AI intelligence and analysis to one place. The SAP management systems bring the data together and provide feedback

Additionally, each department of your operation has a connected system. This means that workforces that are separated by extensive distance still have a connection. It allows for the service department to interact with the sales department.

When weighing the costs and benefits of SAP sales cloud you need to consider these factors. The connected system brings your operations together. This means your workforce is far more productive. 

Your staff won’t waste time chasing leads and trying to research customer preferences. They have the SAP management system to help them perform more effectively and efficiently. 

How Can it Improve Your Customer Experience? 

Another factor to weigh in your investment is the costs and benefits of SAP Service Cloud. We already explored how the service cloud operates, but here we will analyze how the costs are justified. 

Customer experience is one of the most important parts of your operating system. When you shift your service to empower your clients you allow them to make their own choices. This matters because you are allowing them the get the service they most desire. 

However, another important factor is the global aspects of this service. SAP management systems are universally applicable. It brings your whole team together under one service, no matter where they are. This brings a uniform service no matter where your customers originate from!

SAP Service Cloud and SAP Sales Cloud For Your Team

SAP Service Cloud and SAP Sales Cloud bring the future to your business. By optimizing and updating your CRM system, you can expand how you’ve always wanted.

Service automation and sales automation create a more efficient workforce. By automating your services you permit your staff to bring the best to your customers. Don’t waste their talent on mundane tasks. 

Let the technological experts at Anodius bring you the service you need! We are well versed in everything SAP. Please contact us today with any questions you have!

Matej Belák, Partner – SAP Cloud Services