17. December 2021

Top CRM System to Support Your Business in 2022

Customer relationship management (CRM) systems can offer a business a myriad of benefits, which is why 91% of companies with more than 10 employees use a CRM system.

CRMs collect and store different types of customer data. The right CRM platform can help you better assist your customers, so you attract more clients and stay competitive. Data in CRMs also assist your marketing campaign and more.

But if you’re new to CRM systems, you may not know why you should use them and aren’t familiar with the different CRM types. There are many benefits of CRM systems and each will assist your sales and marketing strategies. Here are the top types of CRM systems to support your business. 


Why Use a CRM System?

Before we touch on the different types of CRM systems and how to choose a CRM software provider, let’s first cover why your business should be using a CRM system in the first place.

As a business, you likely collect data on your customers. You’ll be able to know your customers better, resulting in improved client communications and relations. In addition, you can create products you know will meet their demands.

Before platforms such as CRM, businesses would collect customer data manually using spreadsheets and other tools. A CRM automates the data collection and storage process, easing this role for your sales team.

Today, there are a variety of CRM systems out there designed for businesses of all sizes. You can find CRM systems at all price points, including free ones. There are also multiple CRM software features that will benefit your sales and marketing efforts.

CRM System Options

Are you ready to purchase a CRM system but aren’t sure what you’re looking for? There are three main CRM platform types: freemium, open-source, and cloud-based.


Freemium CRM systems are best for businesses on a tight budget. These CRMs offer different plans that meet various budget points.

This CRM gets its name from its first pricing tier, which is free. Free CRMs typically have caps on the number of contacts, users, features, and storage. As you can see, this pricing tier is ideal for a solopreneur, a brand-new startup, and anyone who doesn’t have a large staff and/or a lot of data.

Most freemium platforms have more advanced tiers. While they cost more, upgrading your plan is fairly easy.


Don’t worry, you can get an unlimited CRM platform without spending lots of money. If this is what you want, choose an open-source platform. Open-source is any software that is publicly accessible. This means open-source CRMs are customizable and easy to share among your team.

Another benefit of open-source platforms is the features. Most include necessities such as support for no extra cost.


Cloud-based CRMs are very convenient because businesses can access their account via the internet. The CRM provider hosts the software on their own servers, so this option is more secure. They’re easy to use and are as affordable as the other options mentioned.

Since cloud-based CRMs are all available online, you can integrate most with other platforms. Your team can easily sign onto the platform, resulting in more collaboration.

Are You Looking for a CRM?

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Roman Kučák, Partner