7. December 2022

From Instant Client Feedback to Business Improvement

Positive customer experience consists of many factors and in the case of companies with field service, personal contact with the field staff is one of the most important moments. Mostly it is the only personal contact between the customer and the company and thus the impression that the technician or over-the-counter crew leaves on the customer remains as the customer´s impression of the whole company. So obviously, for these companies, it is crucial to be aware of “what´s going on in the field”.

There are simple CRM tools that collect feedback by scaling the customer´s impression from “poor” to “excellent”. They are easy to use but do not give the real answers – which part of the service was excellent or why the impression was poor. Yet building on the good qualities of the field service staff and revealing the weak
ones is a very easy way how to keep the customer happy. And a happy customer means more profit.

Did you know?

  • Personal contact with field staff creates 80% of the total customer experience, yet most companies do not have direct control over it.
  • The negative news spread out twice as fast as the positive ones.
  • Gaining a new customer is 7-8x more expensive than keeping the current one.
  • Increasing the NPS by 7 points leads to increasing the company’s turnover by 1% on average.

What is the Experience Management Platform for SAP FSM

Experience Management Platform for SAP FSM collects instant feedback from your clients and enables you to solve possible troubles immediately and directly with unhappy customers. Your quick reactions can keep them away from spreading negative news about your company.

You can keep an eye on your field service staff and manage them more effectively. It reveals their strong skills and weak points, thus it serves as a source of motivation or warning.


Analyze the collected data from a different view and in time. Thus, you can see how your teams work, check on the weak points, see the development of individual employees, etc. These analyses provide important information for strategic HR and business decisions.

What are the benefits?

Field Service Staff

The field person receives positive feedback from clients directly to his / her mobile app – quick appreciation is motivating.

Field Service Managers

Direct control over the work of their teams in the field – through revealing their strong and weak points the managers can approach the technicians or over-the-counter crew individually.

Top Management

Analyzing the collected data in time can help with strategic HR or business decisions.

Customer Care, Customer Service

Quick detection of unhappy customers enables prompt reaction and solving the issue. The data analyses can help improve the customer care system.

The collected data are stored and thus they represent a good source of information for HR decisions or for improving your customer care. You can analyze the data easily within the platform.

The outcomes can show:

  • The performance of individual technicians and their development.
  • Comparison of field teams within the branch, the company, or the region.
  • Consumer insight directly from your customers.
  • Weak points in communication – what are the things to be changed?
  • Skills appreciated by clients – the ones the company should focus on.
  • First-hand information about your competitors.

Miroslav Procházka, CX Business Consultant