28. September 2017

SAP Machine Learning (AI)

New updates gradually bring support and use of Machine Learning as well as interconnection with SAP Hybris areas. These solutions enhance SAP Hybris to a completely new level. 

What does Machine Learning mean?

  • It means the use of Big Data and sophisticated algorithms that may identify patterns in these data and interconnect them so that some tasks may be performed individually;
  • ‘Machines’ can be trained to see, read, listen, understand, and communicate;
  • ‘Machines’ can help customers evaluate and automate routine tasks;
  • ‘Machines’ can quickly perform and evaluate complicated scenarios.

Why now?

  • Now we can aggregate large amounts of data and use them as never before (SAP Hybris, S/4HANA, IoT, etc.)
  • Great improvement in the field of hardware and software intended for data processing (graphics processing unit [GPU] and multi-core)
  • “Deep learning” libraries of algorithms and learning techniques

What to look forward to?

Deal Intelligence
(SAP Hybris verse 1708)

SAP Machine Learning (AI) 1

The solution will help increase the percentage of won contracts and facilitate goal achievement by focusing on contracts with a high probability of being concluded. They will accelerate the business by focusing the attention of sales teams primarily on contracts with high scores, calculated using the ML.

Account Intelligence (SAP Hybris verse 1711)

Understanding the “health“ of the accounts of your customers
and applying the knowledge in the sale and in customer care.

Increased rate of conversion of successful deals through evaluation based on hundreds of indications across the internal SAP and external data sources.

SAP Machine Learning (AI) 2

Lead Intelligence (SAP Hybris verse 1711)

By searching in external data sources, create a list of custom-made perspectives and prospects. Business managers can create profiles containing unique lists.

SAP Machine Learning (AI) 3

Predictive Sales Forecasting (future version)

SAP Machine Learning (AI) 4

It provides accurate predictions of revenues at the macro level for sales department heads who want to understand trends in the sales prognosis segmented by sales organizations and business managers.

Deal Intelligence for business acceleration

Deal Scoring helps business managers concentrate on opportunities with the highest tendency of concluding a contract and reduce the priority/focus in high-risk cases by using the evaluation generated from the ML algorithm. Only 40% of assumed opportunities are actually close to concluding a contract. A large amount of opportunities with low success probability “clogs“ the pipeline. Deal Intelligence helps to solve these problems.

Key benefits

  • Better prioritization of opportunities with a high probability of success
  • Better retroactive fulfillment and planning of high-risk opportunities
  • Acceleration of sales and expected revenues /deals

SAP Machine Learning (AI) 4

Deal Intelligence in practice

SAP Machine Learning (AI) 6

  • Opportunity Score shows the deal probability;
  • Key Factors shows the key characteristics affecting the score;
  • Activity Score is considered in the Opportunity Score and reflects the total results in the business cycle;
  • Activity Summary shows how a customer is engaged in the sale cycle;
  • Follow-up Activity Summary shows the subsequent activities that are planned;
  • Day to Close shows the number of days before the close;
  • Time Closing Date Pushed shows how many times the closing date was changed;
  • Days in Qualify Opportunity shows the number of days remaining in this stage and the comparison with the average in other deals;
  • Deal Amount Changed shows the last changes in the opportunity section;
  • Deal Status Upgraded shows whether the opportunity status was enhanced or reduced;
  • Times Deal Slipped shows whether the deal has decreased and how many times;
  • Risk shows the key risks identified for this stage of the sale.

Experts will advise you

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Lukáš Endal
, CRM Consultant