10. February 2020

Prevent Dissatisfaction and Leaving Employees

Team leaders can improve employee engagement with targeted real-time feedback. All they need to do is start using Qualtrics XM – an analytical tool that shows them what to focus on to improve team members’ satisfaction and consequently their team performance.

Qualtrics Employee Experience introduces a new and strategic approach to measuring and analyzing Employee Experience (EX). Thanks to this system, you will be able to immediately identify breakthrough moments in your employees and prevent negative consequences. The system allows combining X-data (employee experience) with O-data (operational data) and, thanks to the analysis, to propose to the managers a strategically correct solution. With Qualtrics, you can bring employees back to the center of your organization. qualtrics_empolyee experience_01


Thanks, Qualtrics you will be able to

  • Find and analyze the hidden capabilities of employees and increase their overall productivity
  • Target and improve employee satisfaction properly
  • Increase employee engagement across the team and the entire organization
  • Solve problems instantly by collecting and analyzing data in real-time
  • Reduce the cost of unwanted and unnecessary personnel measures


What makes Qualtrics new and strategic? What is its uniqueness, which causes its worldwide popularity and massive commitment?

For example, the system itself includes preconfigured programs that include expert content, workflows, pre-set dashboards, and automation directly on the Qualtrics XM Platform.

The following solutions are also available for measuring and managing employee experience (EX):

  • Corporate Responsibility Solution serves to understand how employees perceive the company’s reputation, its involvement in the community, and its actions in environmental science.
  • Ethics Solution is a solution-focused on employee perception of fairness in the workplace and their opinion on perception of business practices and ethics from managers to company management.
  • Safety Solution is used to get employee feedback on how the company promotes and strengthens safe behavior.
  • Work/Life Balance Solution provides an understanding of how employees are affected by stress, workload, and corporate/team culture.
  • Growth and Development Solution identifies how specific employees perceive their career development and how they perceive the support of managers/team leaders in relation to growth opportunities.

Qualtrics Employee Experience also provides various important functionalities and tools for human resource management and employee experience:

EX Mobile Dashboards is a functionality built into the Qualtrics XM mobile application. As a result, managers and team leaders can see the results of their team engagement at any time and analyze in detail the information and plans they can share with others.

EX Homepage is an employee experience center for HR professionals, managers, and team leaders. This is a single place where an organization can focus on activities that will affect employees and share this information.  

Employer Brand Tracking is a tool that provides a comprehensive picture of company perception by integrating responses from third-party websites such as Glassdoor and Indeed into their dashboards. This allows you to combine responses from internal employees with responses from external employees. This allows you to get an even more accurate view of the company and its brand.

Benefits Optimizer is an analytical tool that optimizes company benefits and compensation. The tool carries out an in-depth study to identify ideal packages of benefits for company employees by budget and requirements, considering compromises of different options. The tool puts employees and their preferred benefit criteria in the center.

Digital Listening Posts enable employees to provide anonymous feedback at any time, not just through regular or annual surveys. For example, front desk employees can leave feedback on any customer interaction and suggest areas to improve customer experience in real-time.

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Matej Belák, CX team leader