16. October 2017

Development via SAP Cloud Applications Studio

Would you like to create an app extension or a new app running in the cloud? Or do you use some of the SAP solutions in the cloud and require new or enhanced features?  SAP Cloud for Customer (SAP C4C) provides its customers with high adaptability to build advanced solutions to meet their requirements. Creating customized solutions, depending on what the customer needs, is of course not only for on-premise solutions but also for cloud solutions such as SAP C4C.

Development via SAP Cloud Applications Studio 1

In this case, just answer the question of how these customer extensions can be “integrated” directly into the system. To develop extensions to SAP cloud solutions, use a powerful cloud platform that provides a rich set of standard business objects and take advantage of the SAP Cloud Applications Studio (SDK)

Development via SAP Cloud Applications Studio 2

If you were expecting a “brand new” development environment, we must disappoint you. SAP Cloud Application Studio is a development environment based on the familiar Microsoft Visual Studio “IDE”. And it is really visible on the graphical interface and also in terms of interaction with the given development environment. Using this “study”, it is possible to develop, deploy and test specific add-on functionality. In addition, you can create and integrate new business content, services, and user interfaces to provide complete solutions.

Development via SAP Cloud Applications Studio 3

The studio is based on a local integrated development environment (IDE) that:

  • Provides access to all the tools you need to build and expand the functionality of the standard SAP cloud solution
  • It is integrated with the tools the administrators work within the cloud solution SAP
  • It allows you to manage the entire lifecycle of customer-specific solutions, including development, testing, and deployment

The studio enables SAP partners to work with the same entities that SAP uses to develop cloud solutions and to develop solutions that share the same look and UX as standard SAP cloud solutions. You can design and develop customer-specific solutions to customize the standard SAP cloud solution for a particular customer.

If you create a new solution with this study, the changes made are automatically available and visible in the SAP cloud solution. This means that your newly-developed functionality is visible in SAP solutions if you log in with your business user.

The main scripting languages ​​that are used to develop SAP cloud solutions in the SAP Cloud Applications Studio are BODL and ABSL. The scripting language is used to define business objects and expand business objects as well as to implement business logic.


BODL (Business Object Description Language) defines the structure and interface of business object extensions (BO, e.g ServiceOrder, Employee, Customer, etc.), which is typically the first step in the development process. When defining objects, keywords are used to influence the behavior and functionality of objects by the developer. One of the keywords that are often used is action. The actions perform business logic and are implemented in .absl files.

For an idea of ​​what BODL scripting language syntax looks like:

Development via SAP Cloud Applications Studio 4


Using ABSL (Advanced Business Script Language) scripting language, you can implement, for example, events, validations, and actions that you’ve defined for your business objects in your solution. This language is not just about defining and describing objects but about creating logic itself, and it contains everything necessary to implement full functionality.

For an idea of ​​what ABSL scripting language syntax looks like:

Development via SAP Cloud Applications Studio 6


SAP Cloud Applications Studio offers a highly intuitive development environment that can be used to implement new extensions, define new objects, redesign the standard, speed up development, create (SOAP/REST) web services, and more cloud solutions such as SAP C4C.

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Kristián Kačinetz, SAP Developer